- Gross domestic Product and National income are (literally) two various sides of the exact same coin.- GDP actions the dimension of the economy as the value of the goods and also services produced.- NI actions it together the value of the earnings received by workers and also firms in return for creating the goods and services.

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- GDP is measure up using sector values (retail price), not quantities.- GDP contains only the market value of final goods and also services.- FINAL great OR SERVICE: A new great or service which is the end product the the production procedure that is to buy by the final user.- INTERMEDIATE an excellent OR business : A great or organization that is an input right into another great or service, such as a tyre on a truck.
Statistics brand-new Zealand provides three different methods to measure up GDP.1. THE EXPENDITURE METHOD: The sum of the total expenditure (amount that money spent) top top goods and services by households, investors, government and also net exports (the worth of exports minus the expenditure top top imports)2. THE manufacturing METHOD: The sum of the worth of every goods and also services developed by sectors in the economic situation in a year minus the price of goods and also services supplied in manufacturing - leave the worth added.3. THE income METHOD: The amount of the income generated in the manufacturing of goods and services consisting of profits, wages and also other employee payments, revenue from rent and interest earned.The income created in the manufacturing of goods and services is equal to the value of expenditure on this goods and services.
- NET residential PRODUCT (NDP) : calculated by measure up GDP and subtracting the worth of depreciation on funding equipment.- pistol National income (NI) : NZ"s GDP add to income created overseas by NZ residents and also firms, minus the income generated in NZ by non-residents and also foreign firms. That accrues come NZers, nevertheless of where it was produced. GNI = GDP ± network Int. Investment earnings (In NZ"s case, we are in negative). Foreigners take out a an excellent deal an ext than NZers put in (foreigners earn an ext than NZers earn overseas)
Expenditure method of calculating GDP divides it right into four major categories that expenditures.- usage (C) : security by households on goods and also services, not consisting of spending on new houses.- invest (I) : spending by firms on brand-new factories, office buildings, machinery, and also inventories, and spending by family members on new houses.- federal government PURCHASES (G) : safety by government on goods and services.- net EXPORTS (NX) : The worth of exports minus expenditure ~ above imports.- an equation for GDP (where Y = GDP or total output): Y = C + i + G + NX
- government spending is separation into 2 categories:1. Resources Expenditure2. Current Expenditure- move payments: payments by the federal government to individuals for which the government does not get a great or service in returnEg. Period pensions, unemployment benefits, family advantage payments...student loans- transfer payments get had in Consumption.
- GDP is a measure up of the production or expenditure in the industry economy.- GDP does NOT encompass all the systematic transactions that take ar in the economy.The skip includes:- Transactions that execute not increase GDP : Transfers, gifts, inheritances, shares etc.- Illegal transactions (black market) eg. Medicine activity- Contra or "cash" transaction (informal economy) eg. Neighbour mowing her lawn for free.- Do-it-yourself eg. Growing your own plants- Unpaid family members care/maintenance eg. Parental caring for boy at home.
- family PRODUCTION : Goods and services civilization produce because that themselves. Eg. Home cooking, cleaning, son care, gardening and maintenance.- THE BLACK economy : Buying and selling the goods and services that is concealed from the government to protect against taxes or regulations or due to the fact that the goods and also services space illegal.
- The circulation of GDP is not caught in GDP measures.- The value of leisure is not consisted of in GDP. (only what"s earned is counted, not days off from work)- The level, high quality of, and access to health care is not measured in GDP- GDP is not readjusted for contamination or other an adverse effects the production. - GDP is not changed for alters in crime and also other social problems.
It is important to different a measured climb in GDP that may be due only to price changes from real quantity changes.Calculating real GDP :- in the name of GDP = The sector value of last goods and services evaluated at current year price - includes inflation component.- actual GDP = The market value of final goods and services evaluate at base year prices.
- Calculating GDP has actually two components: - Price alters - calculation (quantity) changes- nominal GDP consists of both of this Nominal GDP = p (average price level) x Y (real output)- actual GDP is a measure up of alters IN output ONLYThere space two means that us measure this. The most common is wherein GDP calculation is measured in basic year practices, Y
- In 2009, both country A and also country B developed 100 goods. Each an excellent was priced in ~ $10.- In 2010: nation A developed 100 goods priced at $12 nation B created 120 goods priced at $10Which country had a real boost in GDP? Why?Country A had actually inflation and couldn"t produce much more goodsCountry B had no inflation and could produce moreTherefore girlfriend can"t phone call which company is much better off until you take far inflation.

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- A limit of using base year price is the prices may adjust relative to each other.- StatsNZ uses chain-weighted prices and publishes statistics on real GDP in "chained dollars"- price in annually are "chained" to price in the ahead year to minimise the distortion from changes in loved one prices.