SPARTA, Ky. (July 2016) –Country music star Frankie Ballard will certainly entertain race fans v a special performance ~ above Kentucky Speedway’s infield Kroger pre-race stage prior to the July 9 NASCAR acceleration Cup series Quaker State 400 presented by advance Auto Parts.The singer-songwriter’s 3rd studio album “El Rio” to be released June 10. That is an album he explains as being “a spiritual journey.”“This album has already adjusted my life, and also nobody’s heard the yet,” Ballard said. “A the majority of my rock and roll influences like john Mellencamp and also Bob Seger have leaked their way into this album.”


Frankie Ballard

Fans room able come hear his newest single“El Camino” defined by plenty of as an upbeat and also light tune with a summertime vibe. The Warner Bros. Records Nashville artist has teamed up through Grammy award-winner kris Stapleton, Kip Moore, Jaren Johnston, The Warren Brothers and well-known songwriter Craig Wiseman for “Cigarette,” “Sweet Time,” “Waste some of Mine” and also “Little bit of Both.” “El Rio” adheres to his “Sunshine & Whiskey” album, which created three continually No. 1 singles – “Sunshine & Whiskey,” “Helluva Life” and “Young & Crazy.” Ballard’s signature absent sounds deserve to be heard at 5:15 p.m. Saturday, July 9, before the acceleration Cup collection Quaker State 400 presented by advance Auto parts race whereby race tickets space as low together $59. The Michigan-born artist captured the public’s attention v two optimal 30 singles, “Tell Me You acquire Lonely” and also “A Buncha Girls,” after appearing at the cool Ole Opry, opened for country superstar Kenny Chesney and performing on significant tours such as Taylor Swift and also Seger. The “Sunshine & Whiskey” album make its debut in 2014 offering listeners through a mixture that country classics to blues legend. From southern rock to modern sounds, all organized together by the force of his artistic personality. “It’s gained lots of various emotions, native partying and also having fun to part really deep stuff,” claimed Ballard. The fun sides include “Whiskey” and also “Drinky Drink” whereby the deeper ingredient is heard through “Don’t tell Mama i was Drinking,” a track that hearkens come the story of tragedy and despair that were when a nation mainstay. “It sounds prefer something Waylon Jennings would cut,” Ballard explains. His fight single, “Sunshine & Whiskey,” earn Recording sector Association of America platinum-certified and also landed him on the height 5 album charts. Nation music fans have actually recently checked out him top top tour with Florida Georgia line on their “Anything Goes”Tour.

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Kentucky Speedway’s 2016 season starts in July with the return of a NASCAR tripleheader weekend anchored by the July 9 acceleration Cup collection Quaker State 400 presented by advance Auto Parts. The Camping world Truck collection starts the weekend with the Buckle up in your Truck 225 Thursday, July 7and the XFINITY collection Alsco 300 Friday, July 8.

The basic Tire supervisor Weekend at Kentucky Speedway is emphasize by the return that the XFINITY series on Saturday, September 24 for the 300 and the ARCA racing Series’ 23rd track appearance Friday, September 23 because that the Crosley 150.

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