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My body, her body(All over her body, baby)My body, your bodyMy body, your body(All over my body, girl)My body, your bodyAll end my body girlMy body, your body(All over her body, baby)My body, your bodyMy body, your body(All over my body)My body, your bodyMy body, your bodyAll over my body, girlIn the middle of the nightWhen my body's feenin' for you, babyGotta contact you up and let friend knowIt's what I'm feelin', babyNine one one zero zero twenty-fourBaby, it's an emergencyI'm callin' 'cuz gotta have some moreHow would you prefer if i lay friend down(If ns lay friend down)Would you prefer it if ns was come sex you down
I can't think about nothing elseYou sentulate me with your loveIt ain't no secret, girlYour human body fits me like a gloveMy body almost everywhere your body, babe(Baby, it's her body, babe)Your body everywhere my body, babe(Yours end mine)My body everywhere your bodyIt's her body, baby(It's yours all over, over her body, babe)My body all over your body, babe(It's your body, yeah)Your body all over my body, babe(I cling to her body, baby)My body all over your body(Baby, it's her body, babe)Oh, it's your body babeAll end my body, girlWanna fill you increase till your river flows almost everywhere meWanna feel your priceless treasureWrapped approximately me, oh, therefore tightlyIn, out, ns wanna hear you shout
Won't you come on, baby, allow me rest you offI insurance I'll revolve you outHow would certainly you choose if i lay friend downWould you choose it if i was come sex friend downBaby, girl protect against fighting friend knowYou want me as with I desire youNever had a lover that would doThe things that Johnny can doMy body everywhere your body, babe(It's your, yeah)Your body almost everywhere my body, babe(Said, it's her body)My body everywhere your bodyIt's your body, babe(It's her body, babe)All over my body, babe(My body)My body anywhere your body, babe(Said, the feels so good)Your body almost everywhere my body, babe(Said, it feels for this reason nice, so nice)My body almost everywhere your body(It's your body, babe)Oh, it's your body, babyIf i beg, please, beat on
My, my, my body, yeahKeep top top playin' onIt's your body, body, body, body, bodyYour sexy body, all over my body, babeIt's your body, body, body, body, bodyYour well body, almost everywhere my body(Baby, it's your body)My body almost everywhere your body, babe(My body all over your body)Your body anywhere my body, baby(Could you feeling me, baby)My body everywhere your body(Oh)It's her body, babe(Yeah)All over your body(Give me your body, baby)My body everywhere your body(All over your body)Your body everywhere my body)(It's all ns need, all i want)(Can't you feel me)My body everywhere your body(Oh, baby, it's your body, baby)Oh, it's her body, babeFeel me, your bodyIt's your body, baby

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