Hello,I have actually uninstall and also reinstall surfacetoairnewyork.com Live update 6 a fet times, and also I am have worries with it no scanning and also it claims no web connection.Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?
Having Problem. Installed/re-installed lot of times. Rebooted many times. Still acquiring "No web Connection".

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Same issue. "No net connection" every though I can browse net !!!- added exceptions in Anti virus and anti virus disabled too-  Live update allowed in the firewall in windows 7Any idea ?
The trouble just began today because that me together well. Ns did perform an update of mine Nvidia motorists yesterday. No having any kind of other problems so I"m not certain if it warrants backing the end to a earlier version.
I"ve to be researching this worry as well, want to check out if I required any new updates for this reason I visited re-install the surfacetoairnewyork.com Live upgrade 6 application and get the "No net Connection" Error once logging in or trying to Scan for updates. Ns have involved the conclusion that the updater can"t with what ever server lock use. It"s most likely an outage or some form of maintain happening.
Hi,With wireshark I could see web traffic in ipv6 come the surfacetoairnewyork.com servers.I disabled in window 7 the ipv6 setup on my LAN adapter and now that is working !!!!
Confirmed on mine system. Thanks you because that the guidance

thank you for in-depth description. Does the influence any kind of other programs?For sure IPv6 link disabling solves problem yet it seems choose the surfacetoairnewyork.com servers problem or success 10 update - what brought about that problem?Rob
Had the same difficulty with IPv6. Deactivated it prefer it was defined here, and made my Updates for the surfacetoairnewyork.com Gaming App and Live update 6 to the actual Versions provided. After ~ you have actually updated your Live update 6 to version, you deserve to activate her IPv6 in the Adapter setups again, and it works normally again.
Verified disabling TCP/IPv6 corrects the worry and permits you to upgrade to the recent surfacetoairnewyork.com Live update. After i updated, ns enabled TCP/IPv6 again and Live update still runs correctly.

I cannot update my variation of surfacetoairnewyork.com Live Update, let alone examine if one is available, since my device doesn"t have an web connection. It does, or how else can I obtain to this website and post this comment? Fine. Exorbitant to check out I"m not the only one in the large world of computer that"s suffering this SNAFU. Yet now the huge question... If uninstalling and reinstalling isn"t the price to fixing the problem, what is?
Had the same problem with IPv6. Deactivated it prefer it was explained here, and also made my Updates for the surfacetoairnewyork.com Gaming App and Live upgrade 6 to the actual Versions provided. After ~ you have actually updated her Live upgrade 6 to variation, you can activate your IPv6 in the Adapter settings again, and it works typically again.
ATTENTION come ALL having actually NO Internet connection problems v surfacetoairnewyork.com Live update 6: You should look for an updated version: Find that and also install that and also you"re good.

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You deserve to download the brand-new version from the surfacetoairnewyork.com website. Right here is a link: https://us.surfacetoairnewyork.com.com/search/liveupdate/support/download No have to disable net settings together the new version will deal with the problem.