Bannerlord online is a mod that offers you to join public servers of approximately 200 players. When you join a server, time is constant and does not pause as soon as you’re not moving on the map.

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In the Calradia map, you will certainly see countless real players choose yourself wandering around doing every little thing task castle want. Most players will certainly be doing travel or action which approve them money, due to the fact that the players operation the economic climate in this mod. Part tasks encompass farming, trading, or owning a manufactory and delivering developed goods to the market.

The war in this game are absolutely splendid too. You have the right to join any type of player battle arising on the map and also end up transforming the tide. You may also do countless of the points such as joining a faction or your own faction, enlist together a soldier, or fight it out with plenty of players in the arena.

Some Downsides

Unfortunately, this mode is no perfect and runs right into some of its very own issues.

For one, there is nearly a complete elimination the NPCs. If this may not sound favor an issue, numerous quests, activities, or trading features are gone since of this, do this mode resemble much less to the vanilla singleplayer.

Another fence is the general player behaviour you uncover in the game. Plenty of players will strike you for no reason and also find the upmost joy in griefing. A serious playthrough can be borderline impossible due to this factor, and in addition correlates this mod to have a pretty toxicity community.

Finally, there is no feature (as that now) to implement exclusive server hosting. This method you room unable come share a server whereby you are just able to invite her friends to join. This is bogus together the traditional co-op feature is expected for inviting tiny groups of friends or players to game with, fairly than have substantial multiplayer servers of arbitrarily people.

However, this is certainly not the mods’ fault. Countless Youtubers have actually been hyping this mod to be something the it is not – which is a co-op mod. This mode transforms the game an ext into one MMO, and also should be treated as such; hence, if friend love MMO’s and large communities, then you will uncover joy in this mod.

Bannerlord Co-Op Campaign


Bannerlord Co-Op project does not sell the huge multiplayer attributes like Bannerlord online does, however it does stay an ext true come the concept of co-op. This mode is guess to bring the full attributes of the campaign to her door step and allows you to do private server hosting.

Whether that be unifying under one banner and also taking end Calradia, or battling between your friends for control of Calradia, you will have the ability to do it.

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The Downside

The fence is the this mode is simply not ready yet, and also thus, has actually not been released. These are only promises made by the devs on what the mod would certainly look like, yet there space plenty of youtube videos showcasing their development like this one:

Awesome progress update by the devs

Accessing this Mods

Bannerlord Online : Bannerlord virtual mod – mode DB

Bannerlord Co-Op campaign : Bannerlord Coop mod – mod DB

These two links will take it you come their main ModDB page. From there, you are able to perhaps download the mod (except because that the Bannerlord Co-Op Campaign, since as of writing this write-up in July 2021, the is no released yet). Friend can also find links to join their discord groups where girlfriend can connect with the community, assistance the devs, and find much more news.

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