The Mortal tools was all set to it is in the next Hunger Games when the very first movie, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, released in 2013.

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Based ~ above the an initial book of Cassandra Clare"s bestselling collection of the very same name, the an initial movie starred Lily Collins as Clary Fray, who discovers she"s a descendent of a line of Shadowhunters, a mystery group of warrior who safeguard the civilization from demons.

The movie"s producers screen Gems, Constantin Film and Unique Features certainly had plan to it is adapted the entire Mortal instruments series. They to be so confident the in might 2013, three months prior to the an initial movie"s release, the sequel to be confirmed.

It won"t be a surprise that we never ever saw The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes, so why to be it cancelled?

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It"d be simple to look in ~ the failure of City of Bones as being the main reason for the lack of a sequel, yet it"s no as straightforward as that.

The very first movie gained savaged by doubters with a 14% rating top top Rotten Tomatoes and also only regulated $95.4 million in ~ the worldwide box office. However, also after this, plans to be still walk ahead because that a sequel.

"For us as an live independence company, it"s an ext about regulating expectations. Also if the movie performs moderately, it will still warrant a sequel," Constantin movies co-president Robert Kulzer called the Los Angeles Times in august 2013.

"Now that $60 million has been spent worldwide on prints and advertising, you can already see just how the book sales are accelerating, the soundtrack is hitting the charts. Also if the first one doesn"t end up being a giant success, us will have actually a lucrative track ahead of us."

Despite this, the plan to start filming the sequel – which would have brought ago the very first movie"s cast and included Sigourney Weaver – in September 2013 was delayed indefinitely.

The decision was not taken "lightly", follow to Constantin Film"s boy name Moszkowicz, but was a an outcome of it being "beneficial come have an ext time come reposition the movie in the current marketplace".

Moszkowicz added that the "incredibly loyal and ardent fan base" supposed it to be still a potential movie franchise, and also Cassandra Clare told fans that it was most likely a an excellent thing it was delayed.

"The breeze of the screenplay I witnessed for the an initial time last week was an extremely far native the book City that Ashes, and also if they"d really started shooting in September there wouldn"t have actually been time to change it," she explained.


Due come an "overwhelmingly positive" an answer from the fans to the an initial movie, Moszkowicz revealed in October 2013 that the setup was come restart manufacturing on the sequel in 2014, including that the very first movie"s failure could have come down to the marketing together a young adult movie.

"The reader of Mortal Instruments room older than you could think," the told The Hollywood Reporter. "That may have actually been one concern in ours marketing, the we concentrated too much on a very young audience segment."

Crucially though, those filming plans weren"t 100% shown as Moszkowicz claimed in a different interview come Variety: "That is the plan, but it is not a given. We believe in that franchise, and we would prefer to do that, yet we need to obtain it right."

Unfortunately for fans the the an initial movie, that plan to "get that right" didn"t in reality involve a movie sequel at all.

In October 2014, Constantin Film evidenced that The Mortal Instruments would certainly be comes back... However as a TV series.

It appears the actual reason why City the Ashes never happened is that they couldn"t uncover a method to make the book collection work as movies. "It actually renders sense to perform together a TV series," Moszkowicz told The Hollywood Reporter.

"There was so lot from the publication that we had actually to leave out of the Mortal tools film. In the series we"ll have the ability to go deeper and explore this human being in higher detail and depth."

Shadowhunters ran because that three periods as it retold the story the City that Bones and adjusted other books in the series, prior to the TV show likewise endured its own cancellation by Freeform in June 2018.

Unlike the movie series, the TV show got 2 extra episodes to carry an finish to the show"s story and also despite the efforts of fans, it looks like any an ext screen adaptations the The Mortal Instruments aren"t likely any kind of time soon.

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