Two years in the writing, 20 years in the make – Stav’s publication of closely Guarded keys of Sound Balance Engineering.Browse with the pages, have actually a look and also a sniff. Expect you favor it. MWYM is always in stock right here – straight from the author.

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Mixing with Your psychic is beautifully printed on archival paper, sewn for durability, and also bound in hard covers v a ribbon mite for simple reference. (batteries no required)

Foreword by sir George Martin

–the Kindest Genius –

Mike Stavrou involved work v me in London in ~ the old air Studios in Oxford Circus – a lengthy time ago. The was no the operation of the mill kind of extrovert recording engineer the one expects in a busy studio and also I to be struck through his quiet and modest means of going around his tasks…

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It’s a physical Book

I’m enjoying her book. I’m so happy you don’t have actually a digital copy as I would have actually bought it, and would not have been may be to reap the lovely physical object the it is, for this reason thanks. (I really prefer the integrated bookmark – so awesome!) MD – Ormiston, Qld

Research native Millward Brown and Bangor University

Strongly argues that better emotional processing is facilitated by the physical material than the virtual and that tangible materials leave a depths footprint in the brain. Physical products stimulate both sight and touch. It also concluded that physical material involves an ext emotional handling which is important for memory.

Digital Speak vs Analog Speak

You’ll notice that transparent the book I speak as though the signal course is analog. This is intentional because digital, in ~ its very best, just strives to be analog. For this reason the sooner you begin thinking analog the closer you will do it be to understanding audio and also producing great sounds. Stav give thanks to you Sound on Sound magazine because that a pretty review.


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