Double tragedy in Vegas; miss Universe pageant and car accident

It was an eventful and also tragic Sunday night in las Vegas. Very first we shall deal with that fabulous miss Universe pageant that was held at earth Hollywood Hotel and Casino. Usually this wouldn’t be a story in ~ all however this year there to be a little bit twist. Sunday night in ras Vegas, miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutiérrez <…>

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This post was released on December 21st, 2015


It to be an eventful and tragic Sunday night in las Vegas. First we shall attend to that fabulous miss out on Universe pageant that was hosted at earth Hollywood Hotel and Casino. Usually this wouldn’t it is in a story at all but this year there was a little bit twist.

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Sunday night in las Vegas, miss out on Colombia, Ariadna Gutiérrez Arévalo, was crowned miss out on Universe. Then the pageant’s host, Steve Harvey, realized the he had actually misread the card with the winners’ names on it.

This mistake hit the civilization of Twitter and Facebook choose a bomb. Miss out on Colombia bask in the glory of her brand-new title and also was crowned and also presented a bouquet of flowers then started to waive come the crowd. THEN…Harvey went back to the stage and seeming a bit embarrassed described that he had actually made a mistake. “The first runner-up is Colombia,” the said, come the screams that the audience. “Miss world 2015 is miss out on Phillippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach.

Ms. Wurtzbach walked awkwardly forward, look at unsure the what come do.

Mr. Harvey, a comedian and talk show host, apologized effusively and also made a point of showing the card to the cameras come prove the the second crowning the the night was, in fact, the exactly one.

The contestants and also the entire crowd were confused and shocked indeed. It was a moment that will definitely be talked around for years to come.


Almost immediately following the event, right in indigenous of the world Hollywood resort there was a horrible automobile accident on the ras Vegas strip. Despite after additional investigation subway Police think the act to be intentional.

A vehicle hit 37 civilization walking on the Strip. The hurt were taken to three hospitals, consisting of one adult who died. College Medical facility was dealing with three human being in an essential condition and two rather in major condition. Of the victims, part were from Montreal and also needed a French translator, while four were Oregon college students in town to contend in a wrestles tournament.

Justin Cochrane, a visitor native Santa Barbara, California, claimed he was having dinner in ~ a sidewalk restaurant exterior the Paris hotel when he observed the car smashing right into pedestrians. “It was simply massacring people,” he said, adding that the car showed up to be going 30 come 40 mph.

The Oldsmobile climate went farther down the road and drove ago into an additional crowd the pedestrians top top the sidewalk, the said. Cochrane stated he couldn’t know why the vehicle went into the group a 2nd time. “Why would certainly it slow-moving to walk around and then advice again?” that said. “I thought, ‘It’s a crazy person."”

Cochrane claimed he experienced children and also adults hurt on the ground together the auto drove away.

Police to be reviewing video from casino security cameras to acquire details that what occurred. The pedestrians were no in the road and also were no at fault, police said.

Joel Ortega, 31, the Redlands, California, said he and his wife, Carla, to be visiting because that the weekend and also found themselves clogged from wade on the sidewalk toward the Paris hotel. They might see police investigating around a block far from the crash.

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The officials established the driver together Lakeisha N. Holloway, 24, who the police said deliberately veered the 1996 Oldsmobile sedan, v her 3-year-old daughter in the back, right into the pedestrians. That is now known that she to be homeless and had been living in her car. Well, she isn’t homeless anymore. Her new residence is at the Clark ar Detention facility where she is facing murder charges.

Just another day in ras Vegas!

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