Also known as a rhytidectomy, Facelifts aid treat noticeable indications of facial aging in people who want to keep and/or reclaim a youthful appearance.

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A Facelift is the ideal selection for civilization who desire to preserve a youthful appearance. Throughout the at an early stage stages that aging (i.e., the 30s and also early 40s), non-surgical techniques of face rejuvenation such together wrinkle-repairing creams might be beneficial. However, together the aging procedure goes right into the more advanced stages, world find these techniques come to be increasingly ineffective. Thus, Facelifts are among the just effective methods available for rejuvenating one aging face.

Yet, Facelifts can likewise be supplied as reconstructive surgical treatment for individuals who have facial deformities led to by illnesses or trauma. Furthermore, world can dramatically reduce the signs of facial aging by experience a Forehead Lift, Neck Lift, or any type of of the other available facial rejuvenating procedures in conjunction through a Facelift.


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About Facelifts

The typical indications (i.e., something that is taken into consideration advisable or necessary to experience a details test, medication, or procedure) for Facelifts encompass the following:

Facial skin elasticity lossStretched skinFacial wrinklesJowl formation (i.e., subcutaneous fat follow me the jaw)Jowl enlargement (i.e., a widened or rounded face)Neck fullnessNeck wrinklesDeep/prominent nasolabial wrinkle (i.e., creases that extend from the corners the the mouth come the political parties of the nose)Sagging skin in the face and/or neckOther visible indicators of facial aging

Additionally, existing techniques offered for Facelifts produce much more natural results and provide women with the choice of pulling ago their hair without having to worry about unsightly scars. During a Facelift, an incision is made follow me the front and ago of the ear. The skin is then lifted to different it indigenous the underlying fat and muscle. Next, the surgeon will manipulate the facial fat and also soft tissue beneath the skin in bespeak to develop a natural looking result.

The main benefits of Facelifts room the rejuvenation of an aging face and the maintenance of a younger, an ext youthful look.

Why a Facelift?

Typically, as people age, they become much more and much more concerned with keeping a youthful appearance. Thus, people will spend a great deal that money ~ above expensive age repairing facial creams and other cosmetics in an effort to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and also other visible signs of aging. Once this fails, human being often will to smiling much less in bespeak to protect against the occurrence of an ext wrinkles and will constantly watch at us in the mirror from different angles to see how their aging confront can improve.

Before and also After Photos




Wide awake Facelift with Top-Ranked specialist Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim is the national leader on “wide wake up surgery.” This form of surgery involves local anesthesia come numb the patient during surgery. No hefty sedation or general anesthesia is used. Oral sedation can be offered to assist you relax v the procedure. Dr. Kim chooses to avoid general anesthesia and heavy sedation since they have the right to lead to medical complications and also often come with unpleasant side effects. Because that example, general anesthesia frequently makes patient nauseous or physically sick.

Dr. Kim’s ultra-precision technique of surgery enables him to artfully sculpt your face for your best results. There is no blood loss and also using his professional surgical techniques, the is maybe to continue to be within the fine layers of tissue. Skin tissue is comparable to one onion: tissue cells space stacked and also layered. In ~ those layers, there is a tiny layer that has actually fat. Dr. Kim works within the layer enabling him come avoid major blood vessels. Therefore, the blood it is provided to the skin and also fat tissue is maintained.

With this advanced method and no worry for bleeding, Dr. Kim have the right to dissect indigenous ear come lip. The remaining skin is repositioned, conversely, in a traditional facelift, the skin is pulled. The skin will be completely mobilized and also repositioned to accent the herbal angles of her face.

This form of precision surgery is only possible with regional anesthesia and helps Dr. Kim provide impressive results that will leave friend looking year younger.

There are apparent differences in the recovery between precision and non-precision surgery. With precision surgery, your results look more natural and avoid the “pulled” appearance the occurs with traditional methods. Non-precision surgery involves more bleeding and also thereby outcomes in a lengthy downtime and also pain, and also patients have actually to resolve bruising because that weeks. With Dr. Kim, you will be emotion well after ~ a job or two. Your outcomes will it is in noticeable ideal away and will last you years!

With Dr. Kim’s progressed Facelift Method:

Avoid the risks connected with basic anesthesiaQuicker RecoveryNatural, non-pulled resultsNo pain, little to no bruising ~ surgeryNo need for drug pain medication

Safety, Comfort and also Results

The 50 to 70-year-old demography is regularly concerned around the risks of basic anesthesia because of the health and wellness conditions and emergencies that have the right to arise from its use. At Dream clinical Group, we administer cutting-edge methods to aid our patients feel and also remain safe for their procedure.

A typical facelift large 4 to 6 hours and requires gift under sedation the entire time. Being under for that long comes through unnecessary risks, particularly for larger patients.

With ours technique, patients are awake and relaxed. Not asleep. A facelift through Dr. Kim bring away 4 to 5 hours however does no include risks from anesthesia or sedation. Neighborhood anesthesia will certainly be supplied to numb the area the the face being treated. The patient will be able to breath on your own and not need a breath tube. This will permit the patience to remain safe and without the require for IV sedation.

The two common ways to sedate throughout a facelift are: basic anesthesia and IV sedation i m sorry both have inherent risks. IV sedation operation the danger of oversleeping and also risk of death. General anesthesia come with numerous unpleasant side effects such together confusion, storage loss, nausea, vomiting, sore neck (due to breath tube), emotion cold, dizziness, and issues urinating. Nerve injury and brain cell injury because of anesthesia are all unnecessary dangers you don’t need to take. At Dream medical Group, we placed your health and also safety first. Contact us today to learn much more about Dr. Kim’s surgical methods and how castle will help you have actually your finest facelift!


Previous approaches for Facelifts relied on a pulling method, yet this frequently led to much scarring and also an unnatural “pulled” appearance. Thus, current techniques use the treatment of different anatomical great responsible for the visible indications of facial aging. Additionally, the wound closure stress is no longer applied at the scratch site, so over there is minimal scarring native the procedure.


The primary benefit of a facelift is the it will truly impact your entirety appearance. The confront is the an initial thing noticed about you. Look younger and feel yourself v a facelift from Dr. Kim. With Dr. Kim friend receive much more than the average benefits linked with a facelift. Because of his cutting-edge techniques, you avoid unnecessary medical threats or memory loss connected with hefty sedation and also general anesthesia. For a safe, effective procedure you understand you have the right to depend top top Dr. Kim.


The primary candidates for a facelift space men and also women who space bothered through aging indicators like wrinkles, drooping skin and jowls. Ideally, the candidate will have actually been considering cosmetic surgical treatment for a while and also understand what have the right to be accomplished with the surgery. A facelift is a great option for healthy and balanced individuals who room looking come transform their appearance!

Personal Consultation

you will have the opportunity to fulfill with Dr. Kim and learn all about his strategy to surgery. Throughout this conference you will acquire to ask questions and learn how a facelift will certainly impact her appearance. Dr. Kim will educate you and also ask about your health, past clinical procedures and learn about any allergies. He will also examine her face and also determine if a facelift is a good solution for your concerns. Together, you and Dr. Kim will create your best facial treatment. Dr. Kim will inform you the what actions to require to prepare for your surgery throughout your meeting. Follow these instructions carefully. Quality preparation will an outcome in a healthy surgery and also recovery.

Dr. Kim researches and performs groundbreaking surgical approaches that improve the surgical process and experiences of his patients. He gift his findings nationally and will it is in presenting come the American society of Plastic surgical procedure this year as well. Dr. Kim specializes in plenty of cosmetic techniques including Korean plastic surgery. If you room looking to truly affect the way you look, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kim today.


The expression of the surgical treatment will vary based upon the extent of the procedure; yet, typically, the duration of Facelift surgeries is 4 come 6 hours.

her procedure will be perform meticulously and with care. Neighborhood anesthesia and also oral sedation will certainly be administered come numb her face and relax you. When it has taken effect, the surgery will begin. Incisions will be put strategically along the hairline. V these incisions, excess skin will be removed and also fat will be redistributed. Dr. Kim will certainly artfully sculpt your challenge and assist you achieve natural, beautiful contours.

Post-Operative Care

with a common facelift, the patience is black and blue after and also requires surgical drains. Surgery with Dr. Kim will not reason excessive bruising or location of drains. Over there is also minimal discomfort associated. You will certainly only must take Tylenol because that 24 hours. No need for medicine or opioids! Patients are able to return to occupational within a week and show off their impressive results.


The meant results include a rejuvenated organic looking face, a smoother neck and jawline, less significant nasolabial fold, lessened appearance of well lines and/or wrinkles, youthful-looking mid-face, and also dramatic improvements in visible indications of face aging.

Your outcomes will look natural, not pulled similar to a classic facelift. A classic facelift frequently leaves the challenge looking wide. Dr. Kim intends for his patient’s deals with to watch slender and also youthful. With his technique, there will certainly be no aggressive pulling. Your face will appear comparable in shape to the V that so many 20-year-olds have. Your skin will be repositioned delicately, permitting your results to critical longer and also drop much less as girlfriend age.

There is a visible and also felt difference once you gain a facelift through Dr. Kim.


Dr. Kim will certainly hand-tailor her procedure to her physical features and aesthetic goals. The expense of your procedure will reflect your personalized procedure and will be distinct to you. Come learn more about Facelifts and how this treatment will transform your appearance, schedule a consultation through us by calling (213) 700-4297 or by click here. We look forward to hearing indigenous you!


What is the restore time for facelift?

Patients are regularly able to go back to work-related within a week. Last results will certainly be noticeable within a month or two and you will certainly be impression by just how young and smooth your face looks.

How ache is a facelift?

A facelift is no painful. Dr. Kim will administer local anesthesia until you room comfortable. His talent and also precise surgical style will permit your procedure to walk well and also for post-op recovery to be reasonably comfortable. No pains medication requirements to it is in prescribed because Dr. Kim go not damages nerves throughout surgery. Tylenol will aid alleviate any type of discomfort. Friend will be able to stay relaxed and comfortable throughout your recovery.

How long does it take it to recuperate from a mini Facelift?

A mini facelift is less invasive than a complete facelift and also focuses ~ above the lower fifty percent of the face. Incisions are made behind the ear through which the facial organization is improved. Because this is a less connected surgery, downtime is often a few days.

What is the average expense for a facelift?

The average expense for a facelift is around $10-20K. This is not specific reflection the what her procedure will cost at ours office. Dr. Kim will certainly go end the details of your procedure and customize that to your facial features and also goals. A cost malfunction will be reviewed and also you and Dr. Kim will comment on the involved costs.

How lengthy does a full facelift last?

A full facelift will certainly last friend years! This procedure is expected to rejuvenate your appearance and take years off her face. Men and women have the right to enjoy their results for a lengthy time.

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What is the average cost of a mini facelift?

The precise amount of her procedure will rely on her desired aesthetic. To truly know how much her procedure will cost, schedule a consultation v Dr. Kim.