Since it debuted in 2001, The impressive Race has actually captivated viewers whose very own wanderlust itch is scratched through the completing teams traveling roughly the world. As of Season 32, that has amounted come 1 million miles of people travel! yet just together captivating as the global travel are the groups on the show, especially the couples in romantic relationships.

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Anyone who has ever before traveled with a far-reaching other knows that travel can test a connection — and that"s without having any type of puzzles, doing physically demanding tasks, and racing versus both the clock and also other people. According to an post written because that Psychology Today by Dr. Gwendolyn Seidman, an associate professor that psychology and also Albright College"s psychology department chair, traveling together can be make or break a couple. 

With every the added stressors the The exceptional Race, the make or rest scenario is enhanced and not every one of the couples native the present stick together. However it isn"t all bad news. Here are part Amazing Race couples who room still together.

On Season 28 that The exceptional Race, Burnie Burns and also Ashley Jenkins competed as a dating pair and showed to be stiff competition, often coming in as one of the peak three couples throughout the various legs that the race before being the saturday team eliminated. Due to the fact that their season aired in 2016, the couple has only gotten closer to each other. In fact, by the time their season premiered in February 2016, lock were currently engaged! 

Burnie shown in a Reddit comment on Feb. 26, 2016, that he and also Ashley had been engaged "for around a month" at the point. Castle officially bound the knot in 2019, prior to bringing residence their baby boy in respectable of the year. In June 2020, Burnie announced he to be leaving Rooster Teeth, the firm he"d co-founded 17 years prior, according to Variety, and also he was additionally leaving the United says with his family members by his side. He said in a explain on his website, "My mam Ashley has been the satable bedrock of mine life and also I am overjoyed to start this following chapter of ours family"s story together."

New England couple Jason Case and also Amy Diaz to be dating as soon as they appeared on the 23rd season of The exceptional Race and clearly knew what they to be doing. The couple won your season, through the winning illustration airing on Dec. 8, 2013. In respectable 2014, Amy announced the couple"s engagement, adhered to by their wedding at the difficult Rock Hotel and also Casino in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in 2015 (via People). 

Since then, Amy, that was also crowned Mrs. Rhode Island in 2017, has shared countless life to update on she Instagram account, including photos that their 3 children: Mya, JJ, and Ally. In October 2020, Amy even shared image from their youngest child"s first date of birth party, an Amazing Race-themed event, complete with themed desserts and also fun for every ages.

The pair celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in march 2020, and also they seem more in love than ever.

Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas met top top Big Brother in 2010, and they showed up together again on the following season. They walk on to contend on two periods of The amazing Race, first as one engaged couple in Season 20 and then because that all-stars in Season 24 together newlyweds. And with that lot television history, what far better way to celebrate your wedding than to have actually it waiting on us Network as a wedding special? 

The couple and their daughter, Adora, seem together happy as ever, taking 2020 in stride together they celebrated "Falloween" at Knott"s Berry farm in October 2020. The very same month, the household revealed come People they had actually a infant on the way, that is a boy, and also they"re really excited. Brendon called the publication, "Of course us both wanted a boy, however when you end up being pregnant instantly before the start of a major pandemic, every you can focus on is maintaining your family members safe."

A pair that discovered love an initial on Big Brother before showing up on The amazing Race was the dynamic duo Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson. They appeared together on Big Brother 19 prior to going on to win Season 30 the The exceptional Race many thanks to some rapid thinking from Jessica. 

After their large Amazing Race win, Jessica and also Cody bound the knot in one intimate, black-tie ceremony in ~ the Chateau Le Dome in ~ Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu in October 2018 (via People). Marital relationship hasn"t slowed them under at all. Cody produced Couple"s Coffee Co. While Jessica released the podcast Now What?!, frequently featuring her husband. 

In 2019, the couple welcomed their first child together, Maverick, born 4 weeks early on (Cody"s second child, after ~ daughter Paisley from a ahead relationship, follow to Entertainment Tonight). Then in October 2020, the pair welcomed their 2nd child together, a daughter they called Carter York, prior to celebrating their two-year wedding anniversary, v Jessica sharing on Instagram, "I love you more now than ever before before."

When Whitney Duncan and Keith Tollefson ran The amazing Race"s 25th season together, fans knew them together the bickering engaged pair who had met ~ above Survivor, however the couple had actually postponed their wedding to show up on The remarkable Race in the first place. Keith called People, "We didn"t desire to adjust the wedding, but how regularly do you acquire an chance like this? We had to do it." Given the couple"s storied past, including Whitney"s prior mystery marriage and also apparent infidelity top top Survivor (via People), you"d be forgiven if you believed the relationship wouldn"t critical — however you"d also be wrong.

In march 2020, Whitney called the Jackson Sun that her single "Homesick" hits close to home indeed. "The tune is around a wife who loves to be house with she husband, and also we certainly enjoy being together and also spending all the moment we deserve to together," she said. Climate in October 2020, Whitney posted an Instagram throwback picture of the loving couple"s time top top Survivor in respect of Keith"s birthday. She wrote, "The Libra to mine Leo — wait to my fire — calm to mine crazy. I"ve loved this man almost from the minute I laid eye on him."

If there"s an Amazing Race pair who knows reality television, it needs to be Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder, who showed up together on Big brother 11 (which Jordan won) prior to running The amazing Race"s 16th season with each other as a freshly dating couple. Not known to it is in the brightest pair in the race — Jordan infamously didn"t know who Joan that Arc was — the team came in seventh.

Despite your lackluster performance, the romantic still melted for the pair who then returned to Big Brother for Season 13. In a special visit to the Big Brother house in 2014, Jeff surprised Jordan by popping the question! before tying the knot, the pair appeared on Marriage boot Camp to job-related on their interaction issues (via Entertainment Weekly), and also it seems to have actually worked! The couple chronicled the lead-up come their marriage on your YouTube channel Jeff and Jordan TV, including finding the end they to be pregnant if wedding planning and getting married sooner than planned. Since then, the couple welcomed two children to the family, Lawson in 2016 and Layton in 2018.

But the pair isn"t done through fame just yet. During the 2020 pandemic, they revived their YouTube channel after ~ a three-year break and, as with the rest of us, space trying to balance a hectic house life.

By the moment Rob Mariano and also Amber Brkich showed up on The remarkable Race"s seventh season, lock were already reality television veterans, having actually met top top Survivor: every Stars (which Amber won after rob proposed in ~ the finale). During The impressive Race, the couple"s fame assisted them on several legs, however they were eventually beaten out by one more team. Just mainly after comes in second on The amazing Race as an involved couple, CBS aired their wedding in a televised special, fitting because that a pair whose love blossomed top top television.

The pair returned to The impressive Race for the All-Stars season as newlyweds in 2007, but were eliminated in the fourth episode (via IGN). In spite of the early elimination, both the couple"s television fame and also relationship continued to grow. Rob appeared on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains and Survivor: Redemption Island, yet Amber focused at the time on giving birth come their four daughters: Lucia, Carina, Isabetta, and Adelina. 

But tv is practically component of being a Mariano these days, and also both Rob and Amber went back for Survivor: Winners in ~ War in 2020, solidifying castle as one of the most well known reality tv couples of all time.

While love blossoms because that some fact television couples when filming, periodically it isn"t until after the cameras protect against rolling that whatever aligns. Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo competed versus each other on Big Brother"s 18th season, but according come Screenrant, the wasn"t till after the display that the two started dating and also ultimately acquired engaged. It to be then that they showed up on The amazing Race"s 31st season in a strong outing that obtained them all the way to 4th place (via Parade), regardless of some poor blood v other competitors that dissolved their alliances. 

In February 2020, Nicole announced ~ above Instagram the she and also Victor were acquiring married top top Oct. 3, 2020, but like therefore many world planning a wedding during 2020, Nicole and Victor had to readjust (and readjust) their plans because of the pandemic. While your wedding to plan may have been filled with a the majority of questions and doubts, the couple"s TV staying power certainly isn"t. Notably, Nicole additionally appeared on the 2020 season of Big Brother: all Stars.

When mockery Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge showed up on Season 21 of The remarkable Race in 2012, they were currently known as the Beekman Boys many thanks to their display The Fabulous Beekman Boys, because that which the couple learned to be goat farmers and also launched their brand Beekman 1802. The pair struggled transparent the show, never winning a an obstacle and also coming in last throughout one foot of the race, but lucky for them, it to be a non-elimination leg. Also luckier, when they finally won a leg, it was the big one, as listed by The Hollywood Reporter. The couple finished first, to win the grand prize, i m sorry they used to pay turn off the mortgage on their farm.

After being crowned the winners of The Amazing Race, the 2 officially bound the node in 2013, and both your love and business empire have just grown. In august 2020, Josh and Brent appeared on the I Love my Wife podcast for a 2nd time, discussing their farmhouse renovation, new CBD skincare line, and their sanity throughout the 2020 pandemic, joking, "We perfect Netflix." See? also ultra-successful couples require a small Netflix.

For many of their time ~ above Season 19 of The remarkable Race, engaged pair Ernie Halvorsen and Cindy Chiang were lagging behind pro snowboarders Andy Finch and Tommy Czeschin, yet when it concerned the finale, Ernie and Cindy dominated the competition, winning the whole shebang. 

After their huge win, Ernie and Cindy gained married in 2012 (via People), and also have because had two sons, Maverick and also Ernest (whom they call Finn) and also are expecting a third, due in January 2021. 

The proud parents are plainly more in love than ever. On your eighth wedding anniversary, Cindy post on Instagram, "I"d speak "I Do" a million times over. Love you past the outer boundaries of space. You are the ideal husband and also dad to infinity and also beyond." Though their outing ~ above The amazing Race might feel prefer "a life time ... Ago" come Cindy, it"s noticeable this couple"s love has actually a lifetime to go.

Justin Scheman and also Diana Bishop were substantial fans of The impressive Race long before they entered the competition. Justin also staged a fake Amazing Race competition to propose to Diana (via HuffPost). So as soon as they were actors on Season 27 of The impressive Race, it to be a dream come true for the involved couple, who went on to finish 2nd in the competition. 

Just end a year after their season of Amazing Race aired, the pair got married in ~ the Villa Del Mar in ras Terrenas, Dominican Republic. In June 2018, lock announced ~ above Facebook that they to be expecting their first child. They welcomed their son, Charlie, in December 2018. 

Justin and Diana often post about their household on social media, and also in October 2020, castle revealed they"d been maintaining a big secret: The couple is expecting a 2nd child early out in February 2021! just two job after the announcement, Justin posted a photograph of Diana and also asked, "How walk I obtain so lucky!" Aw!

When news anchors Kelsey Gerckens and Joey Buttitta were actors on The remarkable Race"s Season 27, they verified that dating your co-worker isn"t always a poor idea. Perhaps knowing each various other so intimately is what assisted the pair stay strong week after mainly in the race, at some point pulling ahead for the win. After your winning illustration of The impressive Race aired in December 2015, Joey request Kelsey come marry that in a surprise proposal when filming a segment for Hallmark Channel"s Home & Family, and the pair married in august 2017.

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While much of the next pair of years to be filled with more travel and their Goldendoodle Jeter, in February 2019, Kelsey announced top top Instagram the they was expecting. They welcomed a son, Everett, top top Aug. 15, 2019, and also their love has actually only continued to flourish since. Top top their 3rd anniversary in respectable 2020, Joey post on Instagram, "Three years and a life time to go. Ns love you, our life together and also our family." Kelsey also post in honor of the unique day, sharing, "Walking through life v you is the finest decision I ever made! You room my everything and I love friend so much and also the life and family we have developed together."

When castle were cast on The exceptional Race"s 26th season, Mike Dombrowski and Rochelle Nevedal had actually only been dating for eight months. In fact, according to Rochelle"s profile for the show, component of her reason for going on the show with Mike was to check out if the partnership would last. Back the pair only made it to 4th place top top the show, thanks to a series of cab issues, their relationship was constructed to last. 

Shortly ~ the present aired in at an early stage 2015, Mike revealed in an interview with the Traverse City document Eagle the he relocated in with Rochelle and also her son. Rochelle and also Mike got married top top Sept. 2, 2017, in a consciousness officiated by "90s Nickelodeon symbol Lori Beth Denberg. If Rochelle"s Instagram feed is any type of indication, the couple"s life is filled with family members time, Rochelle"s business, their pups, and also lots that love. She post a photograph in October 2020 the the flowers Mike sent to her at work, writing, "Got to work-related this afternoon to find these wait for me. The sweetest. Love you."

There are well known reality television stars and there are notorious ones. After ~ their first appearance ~ above The amazing Race in Season 5, Colin Guinn and Christie Woods fell into the latter category. The pair was a little intense, to put it mildly, with Entertainment Weekly later noting they "gave off a very an adverse toxic energy." 

But by the moment they reappeared ~ above the 31st season of The remarkable Race, the life partners had actually apparently rotate a brand-new leaf. The pair posted on your website, "Deciding come go earlier on the race required some yes, really reflection right into how solid our relationship had actually truly become...and eventually gave united state a chance to test the resilience of our bond." the reflection and also a much more zen energy led the couple all the way to the end, win the season (via Us Weekly). 

Despite getting engaged in 2004, the pair never in reality married. Christie described in one interview with Reality TV World, "I"m not a large fan the the institution of marriage and just energetically what that kind of represents." Instead, the life partners, who have actually two sons, space perfectly happy where they are.