She sent shock waves throughout the net in January through a fully nude photoshoot for V Magazine.

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And currently Miley Cyrus has actually unleashed another installment of her Diary that A Dirty Hippie collection with the publication.

This time the 22-year-old is watched in a black and also white series of open minded (and really topless) shots from her power at art Basel in Miami in December.

Like last time the collection of photos room taken by the pop star’s an excellent friend Cheyne Thomas, who records Miley performing onstage.

The Wrecking round singer attract a silver- wig as she puffs ~ above a suspicious looking cigarette while counting out dollar bills.

Besides the wig, the former child star wears nothing but a collection of metallic chains and also a pair the shiny skintight animal leather trousers.

In another collection of colour photographs in the 2nd installment of her ‘Diary’, Miley poses in a leotard that barely protects her modesty and also a pair of sheer tights.

The singer arches back against a wall before leaning on a chair to give the camera a view of her rear end.

The outfit is the very same one Miley was seen wearing during a series of raucous nights in Miami v her boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger in December, wherein the two supposedly partied in ~ a high finish strip club.

Accompanying the collection of a photos to be a blog post from Miley that alternated indigenous admitting she smokes marijuana to a present of consciousness rant around not much at all.

‘I’m right now sitting in mine backyard, barefoot (like the hippie ns izzz) the town hall my 4 precious pets play (two dogs, Emu, mar Jane, Happy, Bean… oh and a pig named… Pig), smoking a j***t (shocker), listening to Santo and Johnny (who I gained the honor of composing a letter ago to while sitting in a tree top top a hike through Mary mrs this morning,’ she began.

‘Johnny had actually seen a short article on mine Instagram jamming to Love In The Space,’ the popstrel continued, ‘a tune that’s had actually my heart because my ears an initial heard the while a paparazzo flies a chopper over my house like a f****** cyclone. Mine life is f****** weird. I’m f****** weird. However weirdly enough it’s kinda… normalish. As am I.’

She climate concluded: ‘They speak a photo can to speak a thousand words… Well, mine say so countless that there’s really nothing to say at all. I’ll let them speak a lot for themselves.’

See the photos below;



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