live in ~ glastonburywhether she"s singing pop, country, or great ole" rock and roll, miley cyrus certain does know just how to placed on a show. Her many iconic concert in 2019 was she apperance in ~ uk"s an extremely own glastonbury music festival. Taking over instagram feeds and also magazine publication everywhere, is she iconic look from she time ~ above stage. What we love most about her ensemble, is the life edge, style, and also personality it conveys. Believe it or not, recreating this look because that halloween is fully attainable, and also we"re walk to offer you every the devices to perform so!

products to recreate the glastonbury look

what is there no to love around the mix of awomen"s simple crop tank top($12.99), faux leather high waisted leggings($15.99), stylish knee high combat stacked hoe boot($18.70), and also some interlocutor accessories prefer thiswristband braided rope cuff bangle ($9.95) or a metal connect waist chain belt belt ($13.99).

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while it must come as no surprised that miley cyrus fills her wardrobe v couture designers like: chanel and also gucci, we"ve proud the the outfit we placed together! not just is it a much an ext addordable sport to she glastonbury look, it"s full of items that can be used long after halloween has actually come and also gone.

on set of mother"s daughter music videoit"s to be a while because we"ve seen the iconic red jumpsuit in a music video (britney spear"s opps i did the again video circa 2000). This time, the head to toe faux leather suit is watched on the latest pop star, miley cyrus. Paired with a catchy tune, this ultimate girl power anthem has been top top the optimal of the charts due to the fact that releasing previously this year. Rock your passion for feminism by draping top top the red power suit and accompanying equipment for this year"s halloween costume.

mother"s daughter outfit products

along with the signature red shiny metallic unitard ($17.99), there are a couple of more clip accessories you"ll require to finish the mother"s daughter music video look. First, the red thigh high boots ($85.95)come in patent and are as sleek and shiny together a slip-n-slide covered in baby oil. Next, the red glofx shade therapy glasses($9.97). Between the visor cover and sunglasses featured in the video, we opted because that the latter. Not just are they versatile and can be worn exterior of halloween, they"re less complicated to carry with you throughout the holiday"s festivities. Finally, the got2b kinkier curling mousse($4.78), there"s no way to rock miley"s music video clip look there is no the scrunched and also wet-looking curls.

miley cyrus as ashley omiley cyrus attract a wig and singing popular music songs ~ above a tv show (that isn"t "hannah montana"),can this be true? as weird as it sounds, this is accurate. Earlier this year, and episode of netflix"s "black mirror" exit staring miley cyrus. In the illustration her character plays popular music music icon ashley o. As well as the weird drama and plot twisted that generally accompany a "black mirror" episode, we couldn"t assist but notice how fun and stylish her character"s look was. Because that this outfit, we"ve placed together various commodities to recreate she wardrobe native the show"s accompanying music video: on a roll.

look 1: white leathereverything indigenous the boots, skirt, and top in ashley o"s music video clip are clean white and contrast substantially with the character"s noodle candy, pink wig. While us can"t carry out you with the run moves, we have the perfect recommendation of assets you need to recreate the all-white ensemble to wear to any halloween party.

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the most important factor in recreating ashley o, is the signature pink wig. Try this pink halographic wig ($17.66)

next is the white top, for an awesome tee-dupe, shot this white sweetheart necklace tee ($65.07). *bonus, you deserve to wear that anytime that the year.

just choose the shirts making its means as your closet staple, what us love about thiswhite animal leather skirt ($9.99), is how much the fits in ours budget!

last yet not least, girlfriend can"t be ashley o without this white knee-high boots ($14.10), simply wear part blister blockers and comfy socks!

whether you decide to mimic miley cyrus this halloween, or go a different direction (with one of the countless trending halloween costumes that 2019 in ~, mental to have actually fun, adopt your personality, and get creative!