If you assumed Josh Kelley's only link to Hollywood to be his actress mam Katherine Heigl, you should tune right into CBS-TV's 'Mike & Molly' ~ above Monday nights. The singer co-wrote the layout song, 'I view Love' through Keb' Mo', that sings the version on the show.

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"The 'Mike & Molly' theme tune came approximately sort of randomly," mockery says. "In 2004, I called up Keb' Mo' and said, 'I'd yes, really love to create a tune with you.' He called me back and said, 'Let's perform it.' ns drove up to his house and also we sat around for a while and also we composed this song called 'I check out Love.' He placed it on his album."

And that was that, till recently. "Probably six months ago, he dubbed me and said, 'There's a TV present called 'Mike & Molly' that wants to usage the song due to the fact that they involved my live show and also heard it; The creators the the present loved it,'" josh explains. "I didn't think much about it. The following thing you know, he's phone call me and saying the they take it it. It's funny due to the fact that now I'm a really big fan that the show and every time i watch it, I gain to hear this cool song."

Now josh is considering record a country version that the track for his next album. "It's choose the guy has actually been approximately the world and done all of these small things and also it's in his journey that he learns just how to actually see love for what the is," that says. "The text tell a story and I think castle are country lyrics. I definitely think it can be a nation song, for sure."

This isn't the first song mockery has had in a TV show. His songs have actually been featured in 'The Hills,' 'Brothers and Sisters,' 'What around Brian' and 'Smallville,' and films such as 'Sweet home Alabama' and 'The Prince & Me.'

"They always pick the songs that i think can never be in film and television," the admits. "The ones the I shot to create for film and TV never obtain picked since I think that comes down to the cliché of trying also hard. Once you are just doing it because you love it and also aren't trying hard, it seems like every little thing falls into place."

His melody have also been featured in his wife's films. 'Tidal Wave' remained in 'Life together We know It,' 'Unfair' could be heard in '27 Dresses' and also 'Under the Covers' made the in 'The Ugly Truth.' josh learned early, though, gift married to the movie's star doesn't make getting a track included any easier.

"I believed I would have actually a really an excellent 'in' there, however it comes under to the music supervisors and whether they prefer it or not," he says with a laugh. "That would be pretty if castle would just throw me a bone! It's a great testament come the high quality of the music and also just getting much better over the years."

Although, mockery recognizes that it's one point to have actually a song chosen that you've sung, yet it's another when you've composed it. "I love that every one of the songs they've picked occurred to be the persons that ns wrote because I love writing," that explains.

Josh additionally finds fulfillment in writing songs for various other artists, such together Lady Antebellum, who freshly recording 'Like ns Do' for possible inclusion on their upcoming album. Also, newcomer Jason Jones is releasing the Josh-penned 'Ferris Wheel' as his debut single.

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"It's a an excellent time," mock says. "I feel favor I'm still at the bottom that the ladder yet climbing increase steady-eddy for sure appropriate now. I've gained a long way to go, but I love the journey."

Josh even co-wrote his debut country solitary 'Georgia Clay,' with his brother, Lady A's Charles Kelley, and producer Clint Lagerberg. The tune is the title monitor of Josh's debut nation album, which is the end March 22.