Start Date: November 23, 2020, 6:00 amEnd Date: December 12, 2020, 11:59 pmDraw Date: December 17, 2020Posted Date: November 25, 2020
Difficulty Level : Modeprice ( 6 out of 10 )

Mike & Molly is the story of a popular couple (plain yet extraordinary) Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy (Mike and also Molly) that loss in love after they initially accomplish in a Chicback Overeaters Anonymous meeting. Now, this renowned display “Mike & Molly” might win you $5000 cash, 4k TV, 1-year HBOMAX subscription, and more. So simply tune in Mike & Molly display each weeknight to obtain the "Word of the Day" and also gain an entry right into the Mike & Molly Superknowledge Sweepstakes for a possibility to win. The daily winner will certainly get $500 cash or a 30-Day HBO Max trial.

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Limit: Entrant have to be got to at the age of 21 in order to be eligible to enter. Entrant have the right to earn a complete of 110 entries in the time of the promovement period.

How to Go into Mike and Molly Superknowledge Sweepstakes:

Entrant have to have a mike and also molly sweepstakes code to obtain an entry into the promovement. To obtain a sweepstakes code, watch the tv show “Mike & Molly” for the sweepstakes “Word of the Day”. After acquiring the “Word of the Day”, you can enter the sweepstakes online or by text.


Visit and click on the Mike and Molly Superknowledge Sweepstakes banner. After that, click the correct "word of the Day" which will show up on to access the enattempt develop. Then, finish and submit the entry develop through the compelled details to get one enattempt right into the sweepstakes.


Text the applicable “Word of the Day” to 888111 and also follow the instructions to submit the entry. In situation the regimen doesn’t feature a “Word of the Day”, then you deserve to send message “None” to 888111.

Bonus Entries for Mike and also Molly Sweepstakes 2020:

Twitter Share:

After obtaining the initial enattempt, click on the Twitter icon which will generate a pre-apconfirmed Tweet. You need to article this tweet on your Twitter timeline to gain one additional enattempt right into the sweepstakes.

Refer a friend:

Send refer a friend message through Twitter or email to obtain a bonus entry.

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All potential prize winners will be schosen randomly on or around December 17, 2020, from all eligible entries. Winners will certainly obtain winning notifications using email, telephone, mail, text message, a write-up on the possibly winning enattempt, or with a direct message on a social media platform. Each winner must submit an affidavit of eligibility/release of liability/prize acceptance and rerevolve the Affidavit withwhile period explained at alert to case the prize.

Mike and also Molly Sweepstakes Prizes and Winners Details:

One national grand prize winner will obtain the following:

$5000 Amerihave the right to Express gift card2019 Samsung Smart TV of as much as $1,000 valueOne-Year HBO Max subscription ($179.88)

(ARV: $6179)

15 Daily national prize winners will obtain the following:

$500 Gift or cash or cash equivalent30-Day HBO Max trial($14.99)

(ARV: $514.99 for each)