As we technique the 91st Oscars awareness on Sunday 24 February, us look ago at Michael J Fox’s inspiring cameo at the prestigious film awards in 2017

An approximated 32.9 million viewers tuned in to watch the 89th Academy Awards Oscars in 2017, where united state actors Michael J Fox and Seth Rogen took to the stage to existing the award for ‘Best Editing’.

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A video of Rogen confessing his love because that ‘Back come the Future’ – the much-loved movie franchise in i m sorry Fox played Marty McFly – was displayed on screen before both actors emerged from the famed ‘DeLorean’ time machine, with Rogen stepping the end in the futuristic Nike Mag sneakers indigenous the film.

That year, Nike had raised united state $6.75 million for The Michael J Fox structure for Parkinson’s research after auctioning 89 bag of the self-lacing ‘Mag’.

Fox fans, in addition to members the the Parkinson’s community, required to social media to express their admiration for the actor, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 1991.

Parkinson’s blogger Allison smith felt proud watching Fox on stage amid his Parkinson’s.

I watch Michael J Fox at the Oscars i don"t feel sad because that him. I"m proud the him. Sorry Parkison"s, you lose.

— Allison smith (
PerkyParkie) February 27, 2017

Fox pan Jay Gavigan referred to as his idol the “coolest dude in the room”.

Love see Michael J Fox walking out onto the #Oscars stage. Constantly the coolest dude in the room. Love the shoes Seth!

— Jay Gavigan (
jayleegav83) February 27, 2017

Areva Martin described her awe at see Fox take to the stage, and also how she prospered up through him as an inspiration.

Highlight the nite is seeing #MichaelJFox on stage at the #Oscars that is together an icon. I flourished up the town hall him and also am great by his advocacy

— Areva Martin, Esq. (
ArevaMartin) February 27, 2017

Watch Fox on stage below.

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Watch: Michael J Fox structure pays tribute to Parkinson’s campaigner

Michael J Fox wishes Trump government will continue support for Parkinson’s research

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