Taylor Swift performs onstage throughout the Taylor Swift reputation Stadium tourism at MetLife stadion on July 21, 2018 in east Rutherford, N.J.Kevin Mazur/TAS18/Getty Images

Taylor Swift is in the middle of making background as the first female artist come play 3 consecutive reflects at MetLife stadion in east Rutherford, N.J. And on Saturday (July 21), pan witnessed an additional first: the rained for the entirety of Swift’s show, which, as the singer called the crowd, had actually never happened.

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As the skies opened up, Swift stormed the end to the really appropriate “Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. She instantly brought the action with opener "…Ready for It?,” performing an elaborate dance routine as cryogenic fog shot out of the stage floor.

By the second song, Swift was drenched and, unlike the audience, was not afforded the services of attract a poncho. But her laugh (andher lipstick) never ever wavered together she continued to tear with Reputation hits prefer "I walk Something Bad" and "Gorgeous" prior to busting out a medley of old favourite — "Style," "Love Story" and "You Belong through Me" — seamlessly weaving her country roots with her contemporary pop star sensibilities.


"Look What friend Made Me Do" to be accompanied through an massive writhing snake (a creature that made number of appearances throughout the evening) and, of course, a miniature tilted stage. Tiffany Haddish additionally made a cameo for the now-iconic “Old Taylor” dialogue.

The shenanigans didn't prevent there. “Delicate” had actually Swift flying across the entire stadium in one illuminated basket, permitting her to affix with the entirety stadium. Once she came down on the B-stage for the acoustic section of the show, Swift told fans the the dress she to be wearing throughout “Delicate” was “brand new.” “Technically, ns was dancing in a storm in my finest dress," she stated with a smirk prior to debuting “Fearless" because that the first time this tour. (She also surprised fans v “Clean” as part of a piano medley later on on.) Over and over again, Swift make performing in the rain look like an art form.

shout out to #taylorswift who, in steadily pouring rain, placed on the finest production I’ve ever seen without acquiring to stay a poncho prefer I did??

Despite the downpour, the technical facets of Swift’s production managed to work, though some of the video clip screens appeared to brief out in the direction of the end. Swift took a minute to thank the thousands of civilization responsible for building the stage and also other mechanics, marveling at just how the huge setup not only manages to job-related on a common day; it’s waterproof, too. Moving video screens, pyrotechnics and an added light display courtesy the LED wristbands all contributed to other that can only be characterized as a spectacle.

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It won’t come together a surprise that rain or shine, Swift is a phenomenal performer, even past the smooth singing and dancing and also her crew’s own acrobatics. She has actually a charisma the we often tend to forget about, and also last night, it shined through an ext than ever. Once you see Taylor Swift singing her heart the end while dripping wet similar to the remainder of us, friend can’t help but be reminded that she’s only human, and like every little thing else, she’s damn great at it.

Taylor Swift Setlist — July 21, 2018

"…Ready for It?"

"I go Something Bad"


"Style / Love Story / you Belong through Me"

"Look What girlfriend Made Me Do"

"End Game"

"King of mine Heart"


"Shake it Off" (with Charli XCX and also Camila Cabello)

"Dancing v Our hand Tied" (acoustic)

“Fearless” (acoustic)

"Blank Space"


"Bad Blood" / "Should've claimed No"

"Don't reference Me"

“Clean” / "Long Live" / "New Year's Day" (piano)

"Getaway Car"

"Call that What friend Want"

"We room Never ever before Getting earlier Together" / "This Is Why us Can't have actually Nice Things"