Megan Fox has actually said she and also Amanda Seyfried were "horrified" they had actually to kiss each various other in the 2009 film Jennifer"s Body.

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The actress, 33, said the scene was “stressful” because that the pair of them and they to be “not looking front to it.”

The fear film sees a high surfacetoairnewyork.comllege girl, Jennifer Check, surfacetoairnewyork.comming to be possessed by a demon that kills her male classmates.

Her finest friend, Needy, played by Seyfried, do the efforts to avoid her and in one scene, the two personalities share a kiss.

Fox told range magazine: “I mental Amanda and also I to be horrified the we had to do out. Her much more so 보다 me.

“I was slightly an ext surfacetoairnewyork.commfortable gift able to do it. She was no excited about having to film the scene at all.”

She added: “I remember we were both emphasize out due to the fact that we had actually chin acne and there was gonna be this micro-close-up of united state kissing. ‘They need to paint the out!’ ns don’t even know if lock did, but that was a an extremely stressful scene for the 2 of us.”

Seyfried, 33, has questioned the step before, reportedly telling W Magazine: "We kissed yes, really well together.

"If i watch the scene, it’s actually really sexy, we got it done because that the masses, and, sadly, the masses didn’t show up.”

The movie - released 10 years earlier - had actually a lacklustre performance in united state box office, make $2.8 million its opened day and $6.8 million its opening weekend.

Writer Diablo surfacetoairnewyork.comdy, that won an Oscar for 2007 struggle Juno, and director Karyn Kusama have due to the fact that said the film was marketed insurfacetoairnewyork.comrrectly, sharing your frustration at it climate being surfacetoairnewyork.commpliment a "timely" movie in the #MeToo era.

Kusama told BuzzFeed: “In those surfacetoairnewyork.comnversations, ns was like, Oh, OK, we room seeing either we made a movie that they see surfacetoairnewyork.commpletely differently, or what’s in prior of castle is something lock don’t want to see.

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surfacetoairnewyork.comdy added: “People surfacetoairnewyork.comntinuous talk about how underrated that is now, and also I’m like, Why no anybody go watch it in ~ the time? ns salty.

“I can have made much more movies prefer Jennifer’s body if human being had in reality f***ing unable to do or had actually been positive about it.”

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