Cynthia Nixon and also her wife, activist Christine Marinoni, are a new York City-based power couple. In fact, they"re precisely the type of civilization who might waltz right into an episode of Sex and also the City, if the show had been based in the so late 2000s.

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Sex and the City has been off the air since 2004, yet Miranda Hobbes, Nixon"s high solution intelligent character, continues to be a duty model for ambitious functioning women. Today, Nixon it s her is a duty model for the very same population. In the years because Sex and also the City went turn off the air, the 54-year-old actress has actually become connected with gradual politics—even to run for governor of brand-new York versus Andrew Cuomo in 2018.

Nixon"s job-related as a politician is linked with her relationship with Marinoni. The couple began publicly date in 2004, the same year the Sex and also the City ended, and married in 2012. Nixon and also Marinoni re-publishing a enthusiasm for creating readjust in society. Marinoni is a significant activist of LGBTQ rights and also has functioned for brand-new York"s room of Education.

Here"s what you need to know about the accomplished change-makers.


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Cynthia Nixon and also her mam met in 2001, while campaigning for an education and learning non-profit.

Knowing what we know around the couple, Marinoni and Nixon"s policy-based meet-cute is very on brand. Nixon met her future wife in 2001, when they were both fighting because that smaller class sizes in brand-new York"s public school system via the Alliance for top quality Education, an education non-profit the Marinoni aided found. At the time, Nixon"s two kids with then-partner Danny Mozes—Samuel, now 23, and also Charles, 18—were enrolled in brand-new York"s public school system.


Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni in 2005.
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Christine Marinoni is the first woman that Nixon ever before dated.

According come Advocate, Marinoni and also Nixon bonded an ext during Nixon"s break-up from Mozes in 2003, and began date in 2004. "It wasn"t miscellaneous in me that was waiting to come out," Nixon called Advocate in 2010. "It to be like, this human is undeniable. How have the right to I let this human walk by?"

Prior come falling in love v Marinoni, Nixon stated she had actually not been romantically associated with a woman. "I have been with men all my life and also had never ever met a woman I had actually fallen in love through before," she told the everyday Mirror, per CNN. "But once I did, it didn"t seem for this reason strange. That didn"t readjust who i am. I"m simply a woman who dropped in love with a woman."

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Nixon previously established as bisexual, but today uses the ax "queer" to define her sexual identity. "To speak ‘queer’ means, "I’m end there, i don’t have to go into the nuances of my sexuality with you,"" Nixon stated in a 2020 interview v Attitude.

"Falling in love with my mam was one of the an excellent delights and surprises of my life, yet it didn’t seem choose I became a whole new person, or prefer some door had been unlocked,” she continued. "It was like: ‘I have actually fallen in love through different civilization in mine life and they’ve every been males before. Currently this is a woman and also she is amazing.’”

Marinoni became affiliated in LGBTQ advocacy ~ her friend was the victim that a dislike crime.

While speak to City and State new York, Marinoni sketched out her very own career trajectory. Marinoni was born ~ above Bainbridge Island, turn off the coastline of Seattle. Soon after moving to Park Slope, Brooklyn, in 1995, Marinoni came out as a lesbian, and also opened up a coffee shop that catered to the LGBTQ community.

When among the baristas to be the victim that a hate crime, Marinoni and also her staff organized occasions to lug attention to the event, and the inequality the LGBTQ people face. Ever before since, Marinoni has been a vocal advocate of LGBTQ rights.

Marinoni is additionally passionate about education advocacy. She helped establish the Alliance for Quality education in brand-new York in 2000 (for i beg your pardon Nixon eventually became a spokesperson). Marinoni also worked together a community organizer in the Bronx, and studied economic advancement at Columbia University. Later, Marinoni worked for brand-new York City mayor Bill de Blasio"s office as a senior adviser for ar partnerships. She resigned native the place in 2018 to work-related on Nixon"s gubernatorial campaign.

After a "long engagement," the pair was married in 2012.

The pair got involved in 2009, in ~ a rally to assistance gay marital relationship in brand-new York. “It’s time already,” Nixon said, flashing her ring come the crowd, every People. Nixon, a lifelong brand-new Yorker, vowed to wait till she might get married in brand-new York. "I"m enjoying gift engaged very much. I don"t mind a lengthy engagement, i beg your pardon this one is surely transforming out come be," she said, People reported.

The pair leveraged their place in the public eye to sign up with in struggle for marital relationship equality, visiting the brand-new York state funding frequently. "Cynthia and also I did part lobbying in brand-new York state and also we went increase a couple of times come Albany and met v legislators and also talked to them about passage of gay marital relationship in new York City," Marinoni told City and also State New York.

A year after gay marital relationship was legalized in brand-new York in 2011, Nixon and also Marinoni acquired married ~ above a city rooftop. Nixon wore a pale environment-friendly gown through Carolina Herrera; Marinoni, a suit.

Their son, Max Ellington, was born in 2011.

Nixon and also Marinoni welcomed their son, Max Ellington Nixon-Marinoni, in 2011. After providing birth to Max, Marinoni took a rest from occupational to it is in a stay-at-home mom, elevating Max and his larger siblings, Samuel–who walk by Seph—and Charles.

"I couldn’t actually envision being happily married through kids. Ns thought, I’m never going to gain that. I think it’s remarkable that I gained that. It’s huge,"" Marinoni called the New York time in 2018.

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Nixon to be "excited" come play a queer woman in Ratched.

In Ryan Murphy"s brand-new Netflix series Ratched, Nixon plays a queer woman in politics—sound familiar? she character, Gwendolyn Brooks, falls in love with Sarah Paulson"s Mildred Ratched, and introduces her to the underground LGTBQ social scene in the "40s.

"These type of lesbians who are component of American background who have actually been all but erased in ours movies and TV shows—Ryan is working to placed them back in the narrative," Nixon called GLAAD.

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Ratched is garnering worship for casting queer gibbs to pat queer characters, and increasing on-screen representation.

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