The eye Owls inthe in the Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2020, episode of “The masking Singer.” Michael Becker, Fox

The internet has actually a brand-new theory about the eye Owls ~ above the fourth season of “The masked Singer” — the brother-sister duo Donny and Marie Osmond are behind the mask.

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The snow Owls — a pair of singing birds — have actually gone viral since the begin of the show’s fourth season. Hints — i beg your pardon you have the right to read about here — imply the duo space a pair that aid make desires come true and also consider us “birds the ‘Pray.’”

“Who is that? friend can try and number out that we are, however as for who is much more talented, the a tie.”The bird said people haven’t viewed them together in awhile, and also that the singing with each other represents a family members reunion.

So the internet has run with those clues and also really think it’s Donny and Marie Osmond.

The masking Singer Popcorn is Cindy Lauper! compose it down! The snow Owls are Donnie and Marie Osmond! compose it down!

— (

Masked Singer guesses :Popcorn - Cyndi Lauper, The sunlight - LeAnn Rimes, eye Owls - Donnie & Marie, Croc - Nick Carter, baby Alien - Mathew Broadrick

— Lady Lolly (

Of course, there are counterarguments. Others think that the snow Owls space actually Clint Black and Lisa Hartman. I also wrote a item for surfacetoairnewyork.com about how the eye Owls could be Chip and also Joanna Gaines.

Plus, Donny Osmond already appeared on “The masked Singer.” He finished in 2nd place together the Peacock. So we haven’t watched a repeat performer. That said, we never ever saw someone unmask themself till this season as soon as Mickey Rourke go it as the Gremlin.


‘The masked Singer’ predictions: Who space each that the characters? room Chip and Joanna Gaines top top ‘The masking Singer’ season 4?

Donny Osmond said me in march 2019 that the show requires a certain form of celebrity.

“It’s not prefer the usual show where anonymous world want to it is in famous. It’s famous world wanting to it is in anonymous. What really appealed to me is the all 12 people inspect their resumes in ~ the door. Us all started over. And also it didn’t issue how countless gold records or films or books. We all were the same. After ~ 56 year of show business, you want to discover things the are difficult and fun. And this was definitely daunting because I had nothing to lean earlier on. Ns was simply someone on stage, one of 12.

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