Mariah Carey and also Beyoncé"s youngsters get along jsurfacetoairnewyork.comt fine! throughout an appearance on Bravo"s Watch What happens Live onSunday, the Fantasy singer mutual what it to be like when her five-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan hung out v Beyoncé and also Jay Z"s four-year-old daughter Blue Ivy.

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"Great," Mariah responded to a caller who asked exactly how their children interacted throughout their recent meet up in ~ the all I want For Christmas singer"s new York City concert.



Mariah"s twins and Beyoncé"s daughter got along "great" Photo: Instagram/

CELEBS IN THEIR biggest ROLES as MOM and also DAD

"This is no the first time we met darling," she continued. "We"re friends. I think she is one of the most talented females out there and I jsurfacetoairnewyork.comt love her."

She ongoing when inquiry by host Andy Cohen if she caught one the Bey"s Formation civilization Tour dates over the summer: "No ns didn"t becasurfacetoairnewyork.come, i was doing every my various other stuff and also I wanted to have the ability to go, and relax and also see it. I"m sure they"re walk to relax it."


Mariah claimed she and also Beyoncé room friends Photo: Instagram/

Mariah Carey shares a beachside snap of she twins

Last mainly Mariah sent out the people into cuteness overload when she post a photograph of her, Beyoncé and their kids to she Instagram. "Backstage in ~ Christmas time through our beautiful children.
beyonce #christmas #family #love."

The Heartbreaker singer posted one more behind the scene shot praising Queen Bey because that attending her display at the Beacon Theatre. "I love friend
beyonce give thanks to you sooooo lot for coming out tonight! #merrychristmas."

Mariah also opened up to Andy about life after she split indigenous James Packer and what the was like filming her E! docu-series Mariah"s civilization during that time. "It"s weird. It"s for this reason weird," she said. "We space looking in ~ the stuff that occurred in mine life because that real, and also I jsurfacetoairnewyork.comt don"t want to put anybody in a position where they"re looking in ~ stuff the they don"t want to see."

She continued: "It"s hurtful. These room actually genuine moments. It"s additionally fresh. It"s for this reason fresh that it kind of jsurfacetoairnewyork.comt happened."

While the 46-year-old continued to be mum about her possible new romance with her back-up dancer Bryan Tanaka, she did encourage viewers to track in to her show. "If i tell you that then top top my show i don"t get to disclose you know... Revealed, such an exciting word. Ns jsurfacetoairnewyork.comt want people to clock the present becasurfacetoairnewyork.come once something is real and also it"s a beautiful thing you don"t desire to trash the up."


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