Upfront Event Highlights surfacetoairnewyork.com as the Top Millennial Growth Netoccupational and Features Enhanced Moviegoer Targeting Before, During and After the Movie

NEW YORK & CENTENNIAL, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- National CineMedia (surfacetoairnewyork.com) presented its fourth annual upfront event at the AMC Lincoln Square theater in New York today, showing advertisers why it truly is America"s Movie Network.

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Maria Menounos will be the brand-new confront of America"s Movie Netjob-related as the organize of surfacetoairnewyork.com"s FirstLook pre-show regime, viewed by over 700 million moviegoers a year. (Photo: Firm Wire)

surfacetoairnewyork.com - America"s Movie Network

surfacetoairnewyork.com kicked off its presentation with some branding of its own, launching a brand-new look and feel for the largest cinema declaring network-related in the U.S. Designed by surfacetoairnewyork.com"s internal artistic firm, the company"s new logo design calls to mind the projected beam of light that delivers the magic of the movies onto the huge display, while the new positioning of surfacetoairnewyork.com as America"s Movie Netoccupational mirrors the company"s distinctive role in connecting brands via movies that shape our society and also the national conversation.

Cliff Marks, surfacetoairnewyork.com"s President of Sales and also Marketing, defined, "Movies drive the social conversation — they are wrange into the towel of our society. As we looked more very closely at the video cosmos in which we compete and also the value we offer to our declaring partners, we asked ourselves, ‘Who are we? What is unique around the surfacetoairnewyork.com value proplace to advertisers?" And it became clear that surfacetoairnewyork.com is America"s Movie Network-related — we"re among the best players in the video declaring marketarea, we have the best content and engagement in the human being, we are the peak development netoccupational for the Millennial audience, and we"re the #1 weekfinish netoccupational in the nation. And, of course, everyone loves the movies, so today we plant our flag and also claim our rightful area as America"s Movie Netjob-related."

Marks also announced that E! hold Maria Menounos has actually signed an agreement to be the new face of America"s Movie Netjob-related as the organize of surfacetoairnewyork.com"s FirstLook pre-show regimen, which reaches over 700 million moviegoers yearly across a network-related of 21,000 display screens covering 97% of all TV households. "With Maria Menounos we have one of America"s premier hosts and entertainment individualities, someone that has actually done everything from star in movies to interwatch presidents," Marks sassist.

Menounos then took the stage, sharing that, "Movies aided me to learn English prospering up. They also were the healthiest escape and also source of inspiration and reprimary so to this day. To be component of America"s biggest modern-day art develop in theaters everyday with surfacetoairnewyork.com"s FirstLook is literally a dream come true." Menounos, and also her partner, producer Kalso Undergaro, co-founders of AfterbuzzTV.com, the largest digital broadactors network-related that produces "after-shows" for favorite TV shows and plays to a weekly human being audience of 23 million, will certainly likewise develop content for surfacetoairnewyork.com. She continued, "surfacetoairnewyork.com is the premier platdevelop in this distinctive and amazing area. I"m thrilresulted in host and develop content that will certainly reach moviegoers all across America and also hope it will certainly boost the in its entirety movie endure. We are extremely much looking forward to functioning with Cliff and his exceptional team." First up will certainly be Movie Minute segments, giving brands a new method to interact moviegoers throughout all of the platdevelops wbelow they view movie content — on-screen, online and on mobile tools.

A Big Year At The Movies

Menounos then offered the audience an insider"s look at what is coming up in the 2015-16 movie seakid, one which many type of market experts are predicting might be the greatest in movie box office background. So much this year, hits favor Fifty Shades of Grey, Furious 7 and Avengers: Era of Ultron have actually led to record crowds and sold-out inventory for surfacetoairnewyork.com. And through upcoming titles including Black Mass, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, The Peanuts Movie, Jurassic World, Spectre, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and also every little thing in between, she expects this to be a fabulous year at the movies.

Cinema Targetcapability & Measurement

Moving from movies to moviegoers, surfacetoairnewyork.com"s Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer, Bennett Fogel, got dvery own to service, introducing a variety of new means to target surfacetoairnewyork.com"s highly desirable, young and also involved audience. surfacetoairnewyork.com"s Cinema Audience Targeting Optimizer (CATO) device, which has remained in breakthrough for over a year and also will be tested this year via select clients and also made obtainable throughout surfacetoairnewyork.com"s whole on-display screen inventory in early on 2016. The CATO device will enable brands to develop media schedules based upon movie genres that even more properly deliver a target audience for maximum influence and performance. In addition, CATO will enable surfacetoairnewyork.com to market a number of new specialty networks to reach certain multisocial and consumer teams, including an surfacetoairnewyork.com Hispanic network and also an surfacetoairnewyork.com High Income network-related.

But he was quick to suggest out that targeting the surfacetoairnewyork.com moviegoer shouldn"t be confined to simply the theater, which is why surfacetoairnewyork.com has actually engaged Rocket Fuel"s Audience Accelerator to power Cinema Accelerator, a brand-new product that utilizes first-party data including movie ticket purchase information, geo-local mobile audiences, cross-tool distribution and also audience modeling to accurately reach surfacetoairnewyork.com moviegoers as they extfinish their movie-going experience. It gives surfacetoairnewyork.com Digital the ability to attach the dots from awareness to purchase with proprietary targeting capabilities and also optimization to reach in-theater audiences with digital and also mobile activations. Marketers have the right to currently go beyond the substantial screen in a totality brand-new way to produce full-funnel marketing programs that surround the entertainment endure, raising both recontact and frequency. Encompassing surfacetoairnewyork.com"s more than 700 million moviegoers a year, Cinema Accelerator has actually the biggest data collection in the sector for entertainment audiences and also is backed by Nielsen and comScore VCE audience guarantees.

Bennett Fogel noted, "We collection out a couple of years earlier to replace surfacetoairnewyork.com as a straightforward alternate to capture high-quality impressions and incorporate them in the premium video planning process. We converted our audience distribution to Nielsen ratings based upon the TV universe, adjusted our pricing model to complete via premium prime and live occasion programming and available traditional upfront terms and also choices. In last year"s upfront, against the backdrop of swiftly accelerating audience fragmentation and commercial avoidance, surfacetoairnewyork.com"s brand-new technique brought about the doubling of our upfront commitments and the completion of our change into a mainstream upfront participant. In reality, we had a strong first quarter and are tracking to have actually a record second quarter via our national inventory virtually marketed out!" He continued, "This year, to even more boost and also standardize our measurement and ROI metrics, every one of our upfront partners will not only get demographic assures straight posted by Nielsen, however will also obtain engagement short articles carried out by Nielsen Brand also Effect. Every article analysis will not just include targain audience delivery, yet will certainly now additionally encompass measurement of brand recontact, message respeak to and also likeability to quantify the affect of an ad in surfacetoairnewyork.com"s FirstLook versus TV, and the combination of the 2 which has actually prrange to provide maximum affect."

After offering surfacetoairnewyork.com"s upfront audience a never-before-watched sneak height at some of the hottest movies that are supposed to drive the sector box office to record levels for the upcoming year, Cliff Marks concluded, "No one knows moviegoers like surfacetoairnewyork.com. And as America"s Movie Netjob-related, we know how to attach brands through what America will certainly be talking about - this Friday, following week, following month, next quarter and also next year. As the #1 weekfinish netjob-related in the country, surfacetoairnewyork.com is transporting the ideal entertainment content, nationwide reach and unsurpassed audience engagement across our digital in-theater network-related.

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You have the right to count on America"s Movie Network-related to constantly carry you new ideas to capture the power of the movies."

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