"The Legfinish of Tarzan" co-stars Alexander Skarsgard and Margot Robbie at the Los Angeles premiere of the film. | Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP Photo
LOS ANGELES — While Alexander Skarsgard had watched Margained Robbie in “The Wolf of Wall surface Street,” he hadn’t met his “The Legend of Tarzan” co-star “until I invited her over to dinner at my area a couple of months before we were schedubrought about start filming,” the actor shelp. “It was uncanny. From the minute I opened the door, I simply kbrand-new that we would certainly click — it was entirely prompt.”

Sitting alongside him in a Los Angeles hotel suite, the actress nodded intensely. “We hit it off best amethod. I instantly felt choose I was talking to one of my best girlfriends,” giggled Robbie — eliciting a guffaw and big eyebrow raise from Skarsgard.

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“Of course, he has actually much much better abs!” added Robbie through an even bigger laugh.

In the film, opening Friday, the actress plays Jane to Skarsgard’s Tarzan/John Clayton, that is is compelled to return to the jungle he had actually long because departed. While “The Legend” is a big, sweeping activity adundertaking, Skarsgard listed that “the relationship between Tarzan and also Jane is incredibly main to the totality movie. If that romance is not bought by the audience, I don’t think the film really would certainly job-related.”

While chatting around the couple’s intense on-screen love for each various other, Robbie sassist she wanted to put to rest a rumor that had been flying around on the internet. “For some factor this story got out there that I really seriously injured Alexander while we swarm that huge sex scene in the tree,” sassist the actress. “That all came about because David Yates had some concepts around including a level of animal sexuality to that scene. … I simply want to make it clear I did not hit my co-star inappropriately!”

Skarsgard conveniently agreed, “That’s true. No damage. That’s for sure. I don’t even remember exactly how that story could have gained started!”

For the duo’s co-star Samuel L. Jackboy, the appeal of “The Legfinish of Tarzan” was partly influenced by the fact his character, George Washington Williams, “was actually based on a real-life person, as was the situation with Leon Rom, Christoph Waltz’s character,” shelp Jackkid. “I liked the truth that this was not just one more retelling of the fantasy tale we’ve all watched so many times before, but actually included some historical facts.

“Before I began filming, I review ‘King Leopold’s Gorganize,’ which is an excellent book around the king of Belgium that chronicles how horrific it was — how Leopold and his henchmen devaproclaimed the native human being of the Congo, all to extract rubber and also other herbal resources from that land they had dominated. … So many stays were extinguiburned. It really was a holocaust — before the holocaust,” sassist Jackboy, mirroring on the days as soon as Belgium wielded early american power over the people of the areas they controlled in 1nine Century West Africa.

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On a lighter note, Jackkid also reflected on his longtime fascination through the Tarzan saga. “I came alengthy after the Johnny Weissmuller years — from when he played Tarzan — however I carry out remember watching his movies on black-and-white TV via my mother when I was a child. Gordon Scott’s Tarzan was even more my era, yet I plainly remember watching a lot of the others, consisting of the ones starring Ron Ely and Lex Barker. … It’s simply one of those stories that has actually ongoing to fascinate audiences, and I’d predict while we’re currently around a century after Edgar Rice Burroughs produced the character, we’ll be revisiting Tarzan on the big display screen for more than likely an additional century to come!”