Will Ferrell exits a helicopter on a rope, make the efforts to rise a frozen waterfall and also trudges with waist-deep eye in northern Sweden -- every in the surname of film promotion.

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NEW YORK — The wilderness of north Sweden, wherein Will Ferrell ate grilled reindeer eyeballs v adventurer be affected by each other Grylls, seems choose a long means to walk to promote a movie and also test-drive a television spinoff.

But that’s where the two males were for 48 hours in at an early stage April, wherein the subzero temperature made laughable the idea the spring. Their trip is chronicled on an episode of the exploration Channel’s “Man vs. Wild” collection that debuts Tuesday at 10 p.m.

Ferrell climbs out of a helicopter by rope (“Mommy!” he shouts), is eased down a cliff sustained by two sticks wedged in ice, trudges with waist-deep eye on makeshift snowshoes of twigs and also spends a night v Grylls in a eye cave. Dinner, and breakfast the following morning, comes from the head the a reindeer carcass uncovered along the way.

“Nine out of 10 actors would not execute that,” Ferrell deadpanned in one interview v the linked Press.

Ferrell wasn’t familiar with “Man vs. Wild,” most likely the looniest and most entertaining series in the adventurist genre, as soon as his manager broached the idea. But the comic actor, who has actually run three marathons, warmed to the idea.

“I started watching it and thought, ‘This could be also crazy to say no to,’ ” he said.

All in the name of promotion, too: The discovery episode airs 3 days before Ferrell’s movie “Land of the Lost” access time the theaters. Ferrell theatre a scientist who has some near encounters through dinosaurs in a time warp adventure.

The “Man vs. Wild” episode is component a broader cross-promotion deal in between Discovery Communications and the NBC global Movie studio. For instance, when the movie “Frost/Nixon” was released, Discovery’s “Cash Cab” game featured inquiries from the Nixon era.

“I would have killed to have actually Will Ferrell out in the wilderness through Bear Grylls, even if we didn’t have actually a movie to promote,” stated John Ford, Discovery’s president and general manager.

The network to be mulling the idea the a celebrity variation of Grylls’ show, and considers the Ferrell illustration a effective pilot.

For adventurous stars, it undoubtedly has higher cache than a run on “I’m a Celebrity, acquire Me out of Here.” but does that cheapen the “Man vs. Wild” brand, constructed upon Grylls’ tips to survive forbidding environments? Ford claimed he didn’t think so.

Grylls stows away a Twinkie for Ferrell to get some quick power in a pinch. The course, the actor downs that the minute Grylls an initial turns his back. The episode moves along briskly with Ferrell cracking wise (“I don’t know exactly how I gained myself right into this. Ns don’t even like camping”), and also Grylls recall viewers of the life-threatening conditions.

“There to be times when I thought, ‘I’m too tired to it is in funny ideal now. I’m too tired to be cold,’ ” Ferrell said.

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Despite the conditions, and also stunts choose trying to climb a frozen waterfall, Ferrell said he never really feel in danger. His toughest trick may have actually been his last: having to usage a rope ladder come climb right into a helicopter in ~ the end of the adventure.

“You had actually to usage all your arm toughness to acquire up,” the said. “By the moment I clipped in, I entirely let go and also was hanging upside down and also laughing in ~ myself, wondering exactly how this to be going come look like. However we figured it out and also the following thing i knew i was flying 600 feet in the air, hanging out of a helicopter. The was type of insane.”

Discovery wasn’t around to let several million dollars precious of Hollywood actor gain in any serious danger. “I would say we had actually a special focus on safety and security this time,” Ford said. “We absolutely didn’t want to have actually our an initial experience v a large star it is in a headline-seeking disaster.”

Oh, and we were wondering about that reindeer eyeball. Does it, um, taste favor chicken?

“Not also close,” Ferrell said. “It’s like a gelatinous piece of rock.”

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