The ambiance they create brings a feeling of safety, luxury, and calmness in ~ night once you’re swimming, and also they allow you to take it full advantage of your swimming pool at whatever time the day.

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In this article, we’re going to review the finest above-ground swimming pool lights that room worth your attention. Let’s dive right in!

Top 7 over Ground swimming pool Lights come Illuminate your Night Festivities

From caused Floating lights, there space multiple design options to pick from in this category, including multicolored and also color-changing options. The optimal seven swimming swimming pool lights we’re going to review today to be selected due to their distinctive features, build quality, and lumen capacity.

#1. S. R. Blacksmith LED pool Light – finest Overall


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The Qoolife LED irradiate is a budget-friendly swimming pool light option. It deserve to be mounted on steel using magnetic mounts, or inserted inside the pool utilizing suction cups. It additionally comes with mounting holes if you want to permanently affix the light through nails.

One of the best things around the Qoolife LED irradiate is that it come with built-in rechargeable batteries. As soon as the battery runs out, simply affix the light to that high-capacity USB cable and wait a couple of hours until it’s totally charged.

Due to its IPX8 dural waterproof mechanism, you have the right to place the light in the bottom the a pool approximately 20 meters deep. What’s more, the lights stay fixed top top the ground even if the suction gets accidentally dismantled.

Another great feature found in the Qoolife LED irradiate is the remote control function. Its broad connection selection allows friend to manage the lights of the swimming pool from a far distance.

A single remote can manage up come 10 LED lights at a time, so you won’t have to use lot of remotes if friend bought more than one light.

The color-changing function provides approximately 11 different changing patterns, most of which are holiday-themed. It likewise has up to 10 levels of brightness adjustment, 5 dynamic modes, and a convenient automatically turn-off function.

ProsMultiple surroundings optionsLong-distance remoteExtremely bright12 different shade optionsNo strength supply requiredConsMagnet isn’t powerful

Factors and Features to consider When purchase Your over Ground pool Lights

There room hundreds, if no thousands, of swimming pool lights available for acquisition today. Every light comes through its very own style, color, and technology. Right here are some components to consider when picking an over ground pool light:

Size and also Shape of her Pool

When purchase a swimming pool light, it’s vital to take into consideration the size and shape of her pool. The bigger your pool, the much more lights you’re going to need.

According come the version Aquatic health Code, swimming pool lighting shouldn’t be any type of less than eight

initially rated lumens per square foot of pool surface ar area.

Waterproof Rating

If you’re planning come permanently install the pool lights in her pool, it’s finest to acquisition units v an IP68 waterproof rating. Castle should likewise be rustproof and non-corrosive. For momentary submersion, IP67 rated assets are sufficient.

Pool irradiate Type

There room five basic types that above-ground pool lights available: LED, Magnetic, Incandescent, Floating, and also Halogen.

LED lights room the many popular amongst the five, primarily since it’s highly energy efficient. LED swimming pool lights consume as much as 85% less energy compared to conventional pool lighting, therefore allowing users to greatly cut down top top their energy bill consumption. Plus, they have a long lifespan and provide instantaneous illumination.

Magnetic pool lights, together the name suggests, come v a magnetic mountain that enables users to directly connect them against the sidewall of one above-ground pool.

Incandescent and also Halogen swimming pool lights room two the the most traditional pool lights well-known today. They an ext or less operate through the same principle: an electric present heats the bulb’s filament until it produces a bright light.

These lights room unfortunately no as energy effective as LED bulbs, yet they emit a cleaner, brighter illumination, and last longer than LED lights.

Floating swimming pool lights room lights the float. No installation nor wiring is required. They’re powered through disposable AA batteries, rechargeable batteries, or solar.

Also keep in mind that if you’re fond of visual effects, you can want to walk for those v multiple colors.


Frequently Asked inquiries (FAQs)

Here are few of the web’s most commonly asked questions concerning above-ground pool lights, and our expert’s answers come them:

Are swimming pool Lights safe To Install?

Pool electrocution is just one of the biggest concerns of most pool owners. To avoid any potential accidents, it’s ideal to purchase low-voltage lamp that space specifically draft for swimming pool use.

You may likewise want to contact your local electrician to no only examine the safety and security standards of her pool yet to aid you download it in a for sure manner, as well.

What Is The Best kind Of pool Light because that Above-Ground swim Pools?

Among the varieties of pool lights available- LED, Magnetic, and also Floating lights space the ideal for above-ground pools.

LED lights typically come through a high lumen rate and also are extremely power efficient. Floating lights, while not as bright or powerful, administer an aesthetic worth to her pool and also don’t require any type of installation whatsoever.

Magnetic pool lights space specifically designed for above-ground pools together they deserve to be set up on the side of the pool.

How plenty of Lights have to I Buy because that My Pool?

According to the website SwimmingPool, a 15×30-foot pool only requires a solitary light. Pools that space over 20×42 feet may require 3 or more lights.

If you’re no fond of installation or buying much more than one light, you might want to purchase a irradiate strip, instead.

How execute You Install over Ground pool Lights?

Depending ~ above what kind of over ground pool lights you choose, the installation procedure is going to vary, however constantly be strategic v your lighting placement, test out your lights prior to installing, and make certain you order sufficient lights to produce the mood and adequate lighting friend desire.

Where deserve to You Buy swimming pool Lights for An above Ground swim Pool?

Many different choices of over ground swimming pool lights can be purchased digital on websites like Amazon or In The Swim. If you prefer and also in-store purchase experience, our team had the ability to find above ground pool lighting at Walmart and Home Depot. Us recommend to buy on Amazon, as they have actually the best selection and you deserve to read reviews/FAQs.

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Our Team’s last Thoughts

Pool lights are a an excellent way to beautify and brighten your pool. Our personal pick for the best above-ground pool light is the S. R. Blacksmith LED swimming pool Light. Not just does it have a high lumen rating and low power consumption, yet it has multiple shade options, as well!

If you’re trying to find a an ext budget-friendly option, the Qoolife Magnetic Led Lights can be because that you. Comparable to the S. R. Smith, the Qoolife light also has multiple shade options. It’s entirely managed via a far controller because that maximum efficiency.