“Baby top top 16 and Pregnant board!”

Madison Everhart and Korey Wiseman that 16 and Pregnant Season 6 are expecting their second child together.

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Maddie shared the news Wednesday on social media by posting a picture of a optimistic pregnancy test and ultrasound images.

The couple— whose illustration aired in October 2020 as part of the reboot the the show—are already parents come daughter Kaezleigh Ka’mya, who was born in February 2020.

“It’s main baby #2 is top top the way,” she wrote. “Due November 6th.”

Korey went on to share Maddie’s post to his Instagram Story, adding “Time 4 a JR.”


Maddie and also Korey got engaged in December 2019 while Maddie was pregnant v Kaezleigh.

(As The Ashley formerly reported, Maddie and also fellow Season 6 cast member Rachelle Perez to be being filmed because that “16 and also Pregnant” before the pandemic hit and production top top the present was close up door down. Rather than replacing the 2 girls, the producers made decision to store the 2 on the show, which is why their daughters space older 보다 the remainder of the Season 6 babies.)

Maddie evidenced to among her Instagram followers that her 2nd pregnancy was “a surprise,” which part fans may have actually assumed, given that Maddie allegedly discussed previously that she didn’t want any much more kids, and the fact that she and also Korey were recently broken up and she has been living through her mom.

“At this allude is it even worth me mentioning ItsYourSexLife.com? Sigh….”

Maddie and also Korey have because worked points out and Maddie told fans critical week ~ above Instagram Live that she and also Kaezleigh might be moving back in v Korey.

Maddie received plenty the congratulatory message from her “16&P” castmates.

“TEAM BOYY!! Congrats boo,” Camryn Fieldswrote ~ above Maddie’s post.

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“Team girl. Congratulations,” Rachelle wrote.

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