Two kids and also four years after they met, Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney have ultimately tied the knot!

The Teen mom OG couple gained married on Saturday at the love husband Lake will in Greenville, Florida. The wedding, which to be filmed for an upcoming episode of ‘Teen mother OG,’ was attended by the couple’s co-stars, Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell.

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Although we will at some point see the wedding on TV, The Ashley has got hold of all the details she deserve to find about the large day, for those the you that can’t wait till the wedding illustration airs!

Dress: Maci wore a floor-length, strapless Riki Dalal Haute Couture gown, however she determined to forgo the whole white dress thing. She accessorized the gown through pearls and also a cathedral-length veil. She chose to wear her hair increase in one elegant bun. She wore white rhinestone tennis shoes under her dress.

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A close-up of Maci’s bridal look throughout her reception. (That’s one of Taylor’s relatives with her, by the way.)

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zmckinney1) on Oct 9, 2016 at 8:27am PDT

Taylor wore a gray suit accessorized in burgundy.

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Maci gave all of her eight bridesmaids custom-made plaid shirts come wear prior to the wedding.

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The eight bridesmaids, which to be Maci’s long-time friends and also Taylor’s sister, wore floor-length silver dresses.

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Guests: According to Us Weekly, which had actually the exclude, on the wedding, 165 civilization attended the wedding. This had Catelynn and also Tyler, as well as Jen and Larry Edwards, the parental of Maci’s ex, Ryan Edwards. (From what The Ashley can tell, Amber PortwoodMatt BaierKail Lowry and Ryan were every invited yet ended up no attending.)Naturally, Maci’s kid Bentley attended (and wore an adorable black tux), together did Maci and also Taylor’s children Jayde and also Maverick.

Check out Bentley in his tux!


Ceremony: Maci and Taylor obtained hitched within the resort’s chapel. (Wanna check out inside?!) The pair wrote their own vows because that the ceremony, which to be officiated by Maci’s grandfather, that is reportedly a pastor. Maci called the magazine that it was “a an extremely traditional spiritual ceremony.”

After the ceremony, Maci and Taylor took a drive in a horse-drawn carriage around the resort.

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Reception: The reception featured a photograph booth, centerpieces made of babies’ breath, sunset roses and white hydrangea, a timeless wedding cake and donut display.

They also had a custom-made cake v their T-shirt company’s logo on it. (Watch the video below to acquire a peek inside the reception!)

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Maci and also Taylor danced to john Legend’s “All of Me” for their an initial dance. Clock a snippit of that dance below:

Beer: normally Maci and also Taylor had actually to incorporate among their greatest loves– beer–into your wedding. The couple passed the end custom-made beer kozzies to their guests that featured their wedding date, and the quote, “Hands Full, hearts Full, Beers Full.” together you do… Needless come say there was plenty the bruskies to keep the bride and groom and also their guests, um, quenched.

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Many producers because that ‘Teen Mom’ attended the affair, as you deserve to see native this picture. Dia Sokol Savage, Morgan J. Freeman and other long-time producers are shown enjoying the reception.


Honeymoon: Maci told Us the she and also Taylor will soon be leaving for their honeymoon in the Caribbean (which was simply hit by Hurricane Matthew).

“Eight days with no children and also beer and also a beach, it’s going to be awesome,” she told the magazine. “I’d to speak by work five, though, we’re probably going come be missing the kids a lot! yet we’ll try to gain it.”

Finale: Maci and Taylor’s huge day ended in style– through a full-on fireworks display screen over the resort. Check it out!

The grand finale at
macideshanebookout and
tmon3yyy terrific wedding here at honey Lake resort of Florida.
teenmom_mtv #marriage #love #forever

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The Ashley

October 10, 2016 in ~ 4:49 am

I guess: v I’m the just one that hates the look. I think she’s beautiful however the top of the dress is method too small/low. All I notice is fake boobs. And the giant pearl earrings just scream “I’m wearing ships I’m classy!!” simply an odd an option for she in my opinion. No that she doesn’t watch nice, yet just not what i would have actually guessed she to look favor as a bride, at all.

Chicken Lips
October 9, 2016 at 10:54 am

I prefer the dress. It’s a shame Taylor forgot to lug his razor and also that Tallahassee doesn’t have any kind of stores to buy one so he could tame the hideous beard. Though maybe that’s where they save the party opener.

October 9, 2016 at 10:38 am

I assumption: v I’m not expertise the shade scheme because the bridesmaids costume were prefer baby blue?! infant blue bridesmaids dresses, her dress looks very ivory, gray tuxes & maroon accents for the guys?!

The colors room making my OCD go crazy.

Maybe the light in the pics I witnessed was just really negative & the bridesmaids dresses were gray.

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October 9, 2016 in ~ 7:57 am

I store looking in ~ this and I can’t decision if I prefer her dress or not…I guess if she go though then that’s what problem ?

October 9, 2016 in ~ 6:29 am

I don’t prefer the color of she dress and having her hair in a bun renders her look even bonier than usual. She has beautiful hair. Should’ve worn that down.

Stop it
October 9, 2016 in ~ 6:24 am

“Eight days with no kids beer and also a beach, it’s going be awesome.” an excellent thing Maci has actually her priorities right. I thought a honeymoon to be to invest time v your newly-wedded spouse. Ns guess it’s actually to obtain drunk because that a week right on the beach. This girls native the whole Teen mom franchise know exactly how to always keep the classy!