Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidchild endured the ultimate friendship test by taking a lie detector test for Vanity Fair.

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The Dirt co-stars sat dvery own and also asked each various other inquiries that ranged from Davidson’s Saturday Night Live skits (i.e. whether he is the funniest actors member) to Colson Baker’s (aka Kelly) rapping-slash-acting career. The duo’s bromance was on full display as they repeatedly reassured themselves that they “can’t tear us apart” through some scattered fist bumps throughout the entertaining video.

Baker was up first on the “warm seat,”laughing when Davidchild asked if he was nervous, and also if he was “worried he can incriminate” himself throughout the interview (“Absolutely,” he said).

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Davidkid then dove into asking some hard-hitting inquiries, such as if Baker believed that he can be a “good rapper” -- to which the “Bad Things” rapper swiftly responded via, “No.”

However, he did concede when Davidkid asked if he can come up via a freestyle in the moment.

Machine Gun Kelly"s Big-Screen Roles, From "Beyond the Lights" to "The Dirt"

Davidson and Baker both sighed and rolled their eyes once the comedian had to ask about BDE (significant dick energy) from the all set questions. Even so, Baker admitted that George Clooney and Rihanna have “even more BDE” than Davidson. “This isn’t also fair, you gotta present civilization that might go the other way, these are obvious no’s,” Davidkid added.

Then, once Davidchild asked Baker if he foresees himself rapping right into his 70’s, he shook his head and also said to the camera, “That’s not it, and y’all know that’s not it.” “We don’t wanna be prefer some guys, just overstaying our welcome, being corny,” the rapper added.

When it was Davidson’s revolve to go on the warm seat, Baker asked if John Mulaney -- that he’s presently on a comedy tour with for their "Sundays through Pete & John” show -- is his best friend, he admitted that he is. “But you are additionally my finest friend, you deserve to have 2 ideal friends,” Davidboy described.

Baker then asked around that time Davidchild had dinner with Kanye West, Kid Cudi and Timothée Chalamet -- through a group picture of the 4 making rounds on the internet shortly after. He said they “ate a bunch of wealthy human being stuff” that he didn’t also recognize the names of, and that he finished up paying for the lavish dinner. “Who ordered the most expensive dish?” Baker asked.

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“Kanye maintained ordering the whole entire time,” he described. “I didn’t know he was coming, and also I already put my card down to pay ‘cause I believed it was simply me and Cudi -- and also then Kanye verified up and also then Chalamet proved up and I was prefer, ‘oh fuck.’ I had to book two more gigs in Ohio.”

Check out the full clip for more tidbits of the co-stars" real-life friendship listed below.