Add comfort and also pressure relief to a supportive mattress v this 2-inch storage foam mattress topper. Premium foam has actually a soft consistency that easily conforms to body weight and also position. A ventilated design increases airflow and also regulates sleep temperature

Two inch of premium storage foam to add the curve-conforming, pressure-relieving services of memory foam to any type of mattressVentilated design allows for far better airflow to improve sleep temperature and also comfortSoftens the top of a too-firm mattressHigh-quality open cell storage foam compresses evenly and also resists impressions



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Memory Foam


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3 Year minimal warranty

3 Year restricted warranty

Lucid works tough to make our client happy. As soon as we develop you a topper, we make it with the finest materials prefer lab-certified for sure memory foam, cooling gel, down different fill, lavender scent, or bamboo charcoal. We back all our toppers v an industry-leading 3-year warranty, therefore you have the right to rest assured that your topper will save you resting blissfully because that years come come.

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Warranty uses only to assets purchased in the unified States.

How long do I have to wait to use it?

This mattress topper can take as much as 48 hours to expand and also can be offered as shortly as it has actually reached its approximate size, typically within a few hours. It’s best to permit it increase in a warm, well ventilated area. 

What is the difference in between the 2-inch, 3-inch, and also 4-inch topper? 

Mattress toppers are designed come be used to soften the feeling of a firm mattress and the more thickness the topper, the more plush it will make your mattress feel.

Will this assist soften a firm mattress?

Yes, this mattress topper is to plan to add a plush great of lull to a firm mattress.

Can a heater pad be provided with it?

Yes, a heating pad can be used as long as it does not obtain over 125 degrees. 

Can ns roll/fold it because that storage or travel?

This topper is design to it is in kept flat on a mattress and should no be rolled or folded for any kind of reason. All foam products are qualified of tearing and rolling or urgently it deserve to increase the likelihood of this happening. If you have to store this item, we recommend save on computer in a mattress bag and laying flat top top its next or level on the floor. 

Can it it is in cut?

This topper can be cut however please understand that cutting it will certainly void the warranty. If you pick to reduced it, we recommend making use of a tool specifically designed to cut foam for ideal results. 

Does it come through a cover?

This topper does no come through a cover. That is designed come go directly on her mattress and will be protected by your mattress protector and fitted sheet that go end it.

How should I clean this topper?

We recommend placing a mattress protector end this topper to remove the need for cleaning. However, clues cleaning v a soft detergent and also air drying is finest if the require arises.

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What go the vouch cover?

The 3-year warranty covers manufacturing and workmanship defects. Some exceptions incorporate wear and tear such as typical softening that the storage foam end time, stains, misuse, alterations, and also commercial use.