Masika plots she revenge versus Zell. Hazel brings out Brooke"s angry side. Alexis pushes Moniece and also A.D. To the breaking point. Booby tells Keyshia the truth about his feelings because that Brooke.

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A1 and also Marcus share their thoughts ~ above Brooke and also Hazel-E’s sit down. Zell and also Moniece reaction to A.D. Dance on Alexis Skyy.

Ryan apologizes because that betraying a friend, Phor prepares because that fatherhood, and also Charmaine tries to take manage of she shop when a new season of black Ink Crew Chicago premieres October 4.

After months of pain, ns and brand-new beginnings, it"s time to see if the Chi crew can finally come together on a new season of black color Ink Crew Chicago, premiering October 4.
The 305 far better get all set to roll out the red carpet for Joseline Hernandez ~ above Season 3 the Love & i know good Hop Miami, premiering January 6.
The two-episode Season 3 premiere kicks off through Blueface versus Dreamdoll and Clarence White versus Queen Naija this Tuesday 8/7c.

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Watch KP and also his artists" cumulative turn their city roughly through ink, music and also opportunities when Black octopus Crew Compton premieres top top Wednesday, respectable 14, at 10/9c.