Another reasonably easy waterfall in the black River falls area is shed Falls. This can be located by following the large “Lost falls Campground” indications on the main highways.

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The trace head is uncovered right off Sunnyvale Road. Be certain to park cautiously on the shoulder and be considerate come other drivers & the campground.

19-Aug-2021 Update: I desire to clarify the the trail to the drops is exclusive land owned by the camp. Permission to it is in on this residential or commercial property is available to registered campers of Lost drops Campground as component of the campground experience. Please execute NOT just park on the side of the road and do not accessibility via the trail without permission – IT IS TRESPASSING, carry out NOT perform THAT! In the previous I have actually received permission through visiting the campground and asking nicely yet respect your wishes if they tell friend “no”. It is in cool and keep this location accessible. Also better, click here and also make a camping reservation!


The “hike” isn’t much at every – much less than 1/4 mile round trip. When you with Roaring Creek the falls are in ~ sight between the canyon walls and also tall woodland canopy.

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A closer look at the falls. This is one more cascade format waterfall the drops possibly 6 or 7 feet I’d estimate based upon my own height. I have read over there are other falls/rapids upstream 1/4 mile yet I forgot my water pair of shoes today and also sunlight was beginning to fade.


One necessary note: The land-based trail ends and is clearly posted “private property”. If girlfriend visit you re welcome take treatment not come trespass and keep this open for every one of us!



Here’s a quick clip of the falls in action. Enjoy!


Super straightforward access, super easy hike. Low effort, high reward. Don’t miss this one!