Kelly Ripa and also her daughter, Lola Consuelos, eliminated it ~ above the red carpet during a rarely joint appearance in ~ a high-profile occasion in the big Apple. The mom-and-daughter duo attend the 12th yearly CNN "Heroes: All-Star Tribute" event on Sunday night in new York City -- and they stunned as they make on the red carpet with household friend Anderson Cooper.

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Ripa to be photographed attract a sparkling tea-length black color dress, while she 17-year-old daughter rocked a long-sleeved environment-friendly velvet minidress together she posed alongside her well known mom. The appearance marked a rarely red carpet outing because that the Live v Kelly and Ryan star and her teen daughter. Kelly Ripa"s husband, mark Consuelos, was also in attendance at the gala, AOL Entertainment reports.

Lola elegant Consuelos is the just daughter to Kelly and also Mark. The TV stars also share sons Joaquin, 15, and Michael, 21.

The 2018 CNN "Heroes" event was the first joint red carpet appearance for Kelly Ripa and also her daughter Lola this year. In 2017, Lola add her mother to CNN"s "Heroes: All-Star Tribute" event wearing a bubblegum pink pullover dress. Lola additionally attended the Hollywood premiere of Nine Lives through her dad last year, according to People.

While she looked stunning in the new pics v her mom, at period 17, Lola Consuelos is reportedly an extremely picky around the photos she parents share on social media. Kelly Ripa has revealed the her daughter will melt under if Ripa articles a photograph without to run it by Lola first.
During an figure on The this evening Show critical fall, Kelly Ripa told organize Jimmy Fallon that Lola to be upset end a throwback Halloween photo her mom had actually posted.

"It"s so bizarre," Ripa said, every E! News. "I"m never allowed to post a picture of her—ever."

Ripa revealed that she never ever dreamed the sweet #TBT picture she posted would cause such a commotion v her daughter."I was like, "You know what? She can"t get mad in ~ an eight-year-old photo. It"s a Halloween throwback Thursday." I"m in the elevator comes up here and the phone call rings and it claims "Lola." ns was debating . …She"s like, "You take it it down right now! my friends monitor you for some reason and they will watch this!""Lola Consuelos has actually literally grown increase in front of the Live audience"s eyes. In 2000, Kelly Ripa revealed she was pregnant through Lola if auditioning to it is in Regis Philbin"s co-host top top the long-running morning show. Psychic Char Margolis correctly predicted the Ripa to be pregnant, prompting the stunned TV star to say, "I haven"t also told my boss yet!" Lola elegant Consuelos was born in June the 2001.

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Lola Consuelos has actually made number of cameos ~ above Kelly Ripa"s daytime chatfest, but it is rare the fans of the renowned family acquire to check out her dressed up alongside her mother for the red carpet.