David Spade (Sandy Wexler, Joe Dirt) and also Supermodel Nina Agdal comment on their upcoming Lip Sync Battle. Lee and Elliott celebrate previous Oscar winners who have actually graced our stage.

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Chrissy Teigen and LL Cool J clock over several of Chrissy’s an ext outrageous moments and outtakes from the show.
From Michael Jackson vs. Prince come Nicki Minaj vs. Mariah Carey, LL Cool J & Chrissy Teigen food on your fantasy Lip Sync Battles.
Elliott Morgan and also Lee Newton recount the many fear-inducing moves throughout LSB history. Ann Hathaway, Taraji. Ns Henson, sir Ben Kingsley and much more brought their A-game.
From Snoop Dogg"s cameo-ception come Beyoncé"s surprise appearance. Lee Newton and Elliott Morgan count down the five ideal cameos in Lip Sync fight history.
We’re counting down the ideal interviews from the Lip Sync battle Preshow. Special the actors of "Stranger Things," Don Cheadle, Jay Leno, Amber Tamblyn, sir Ben Kingsley, target hats, and also more!
What execute Anne Hathaway, josh Peck, and Channing Tatum all have in common? lock win. Lee Newton and Elliott Morgan highlight several of their favourite winners native Lip Sync Battle’s run.
Lee Newton and Elliott Morgan preview the one-hour special, featuring interviews through Neil Patrick Harris, Taraji P. Henson, Hailee Steinfeld, and more. Lip Sync battle Live: A Michael Jackson Celebration, special a power by the actors of Michael Jackson ONE through Cirque du Soleil, starts Thursday 1.18 at 9/8c on big Network.
Lee Newton spends some quality time v the performers and crew the Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil.
Featuring slacklines and also acrobatic stunts, the highly-skilled performers the Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil execute "Bad."
As the battle over land rages on, the Duttons are targeted like never before, and everyone is paying the price for power on Yellowstone Season 4, premiering ~ above November 7.
Expect much more action, drama, humor, next hustles, steamy hookups and secrets indigenous the previous on the debut season that 68 Whiskey.

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A medical unit in the U.S. Army utilizes unorthodox approaches in the mission to save soldiers alive on the original collection 68 Whiskey, created by Brian Grazer and also Ron Howard.