What happens when a world-class boxer walk up against an actor v a flair for comedy? well this week"s Lip Sync Battle tried come answer that inquiry with a hip-hop tinged battle featuring Mike Tyson and also Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crewson Thursday (Apr. 23). That wasn"t just a battle filled with lots of physical muscle, but additionally lots of muscle in the antics department as well.

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Round 1

Tyson, in skinny jeans and also a turtleneck, kicked turn off the night. And for one night only Iron Mike was "Iron Mick" many thanks to his rendition the the rojo Stones" "Satisfaction." His power was filled with unusual dancing and also gyrations the were probably supposed to salary homage come Mick Jagger"s very own signature run moves. Actually, in retrospect, his fashion an option may have also been inspired by the legendary frontman together well, but it"s hard to really explain Tyson in a turtleneck.

Artist Mentioned

Mike Tyson

Also rocking some tight blue jeans (a layout for the night!), Crews "went old school" through Run-DMC"s "Sucker M.C."s," a track he proclaims "made me a man." if it"s quiet unclear what specifically that means, Crews" quite convincing power probably had something to carry out with the fact that he shared the tune basically helped him obtain though puberty. He even had some good crowd hyping-- including of all things, crotch thrusts. Oh, yeah, he additionally showed off his abs. "That is among the best beats ever made in hip-hop," that said, including it make his "nipples happy." TMI, Crews. TMI.

Round 2

"I never ever compete, I just create," Crews mutual backstage, adding he"s "the world"s finest dancer." something he would certainly later shot and prove throughout his fight round power of Vanessa Carlton"s "A thousand Miles."

Yes, you review that right.

The power featured Crews very first behind a piano, and then later he performed Carlton"s anthem shirtless, finish with ribbon dancers and also ballerinas. It was an unforeseen choice, to say the least. It likewise left Mike Tyson shiver his head. "Sometimes you obtained to contact your feminine side," the explained. Clearly.

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So if you"re Tyson, just how do you try and peak that Crews moment? "Spirit is everything," Tyson said before taking the stage. And there to be no shortage the spirit or leather leggings throughout his power ofSalt-N-Pepa"s "Push It." likewise you make certain you the yoiu accessorize with a leather jacket and even much more dance Mike Tyson-specific gyrating moves.

"I feeling sexy," he common after he wrapped increase in his Chrissy Teigen-approved pants. (By the way, she approved of them because she, too, owns them.)