Here we were assuming the Lionel Messi to be just complying with the rest of the group dyeing his hair blonde however apparently the Barcelona superstar had an yes, really reason and it was linked to his international retirement.

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This summer Aaron Ramsey kicked off a trend among footballers by taking peroxide to his hair and also coloring the bleach blonde. One by one Samir Nasri, Phil Jones and also Neymar all adhered to the Welshman, you know all the big names. And then come Messi, the last human we intended to be a sheep!

However the Argentinian, earlier in his home country after reversing his worldwide retirement, was being interview by tv personality Mingo, revealed, via Sport, the factor for his readjust in hair colour:

"I make a change to start from zero. A lot had gone on, things had actually happened, and I claimed to myself: "I need to break this and start again."


Despite winning the Ballon d"Or and La Liga it"s been fairly a hard 2016 for Messi through the Barcelona forward dealing with trial for tax fraud in July and then Argentina shedding the Copa America last to Chile ~ above penalties for the 2nd year in a row so Messi plainly decided it to be time to adjust something.

Mingo, whose hat you just have to admire, also asked the player about his brief lived global retirement with the 29 year old saying, "It was how I feeling in the moment. Everything came crashing down. Ns felt favor that was the one, provided how the team was and also how we"d play in the competition. It was a substantial disappointment."

He finished the interview by speak "new hair, don"t care!" (That"s obviously no true yet you deserve to watch the whole interview below, simply hope her Spanish is good)



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