Dylan Siggers Kicks the end a hard Left-footer in ~ Alpental

The line Sick day 104: The best Every day Ski of 2017

The heat Sick Day series came come life in 2014, and man, what a season it had. Indigenous SKI Magazine, to flour Magazine, to Blister evaluation — just around every ski test known to man, for that issue — loved the ski. It offered a playful, bouncing feel, forgiving flex, and also enough power to put the pedal down and also rip.

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But with an wild taper shape, the ski to be relegated in numerous ways to the soft stuff. True, the 92 and 102 ripped top top hardpack, yet the ski showed it’s true colors off the beaten path, and playing about in the soft or churned up snow. And, in the years the followed, the various other brands caught up. The Sick work Collection fell from the reminder of the tongue, relegated to the 2nd or third choice on the wall, because that no reason other than the enormous strides made by our competitors.

Laying in ~ above the Sick work 104

We additionally knew that we can make the ski better. We want to make the ideal everyday ski we might possibly make. And, follow to just around anyone girlfriend ask, the heat Sick work 104 is simply that.


So us went back to the illustration board, building from the soil up. Our design department sat with our crew that skiers and dreamed increase a new ski. One that wouldn’t sacrifice difficult snow power yet wouldn’t dive in pow. One that would certainly arc, blast, surf, and cut like nothing we’ve ever made before. We wanted to take it the ailing Day, and also make, it, well, much more sick.

Rob Heule cuts the Tails

Starting v the qualities we favored — largely seen top top the Sick day 102 — us retooled entirely. Guideline shape, belt width, taper angle — that all obtained reworked. The evil one is in the details, they say; and when you’ve got a pair of wizards to run your advance department, well, those details space all accounting for.

Still, there to be something else, something that we required to address: the weight. What if your inbounds skis were as light as your touring skis? What if, in ~ the end of a sick pow day, your legs weren’t shot indigenous lugging roughly a pair of cinderblocks on your feet?

#LineSpringBreak17 – Dylan Siggers Showcases the Lightweight Feel

Boom, enter the Aspen core reinforced through Magic Finger Carbon Filaments™. Suddenly, this ultra-dialed shape was paired v a featherweight core and construction. V this totally new shape and also core construction, the All-New ailing Day was born — and man, space we psyched.

High prayer from Powder

Ski Tests

But how do you know if you’ve truly obtained something good? girlfriend hit the road and push that on every mover and shaker v a laptop and also direct heat to a magazine’s editor. You lb the pavement, get shop employees on the ski, and over all, ski the dang point day in and also day out.

And that’s precisely what we did. Native Freeskier come Blister, powder to Backcountry, and a totality host of publications in Europe — if who tests skis, we gained them to put ours with the paces. And also guess what? everyone loved them. The Sick day 104 stood the end specifically, with many testers blown far by that is agility and versatility.

The Sick job 104 hits that sweet point out — across the board. The sort of ski you can roll up and track one minute and slarve powder turns the next. The ski girlfriend grab as soon as it snows 12 inches or hasn’t watched a current storm in 3 weeks. And also for Ski Tests, flexibility reigns supreme.

“Immediately, I might tell a far-reaching difference in exactly how well the brand-new Sick Day hosted an edge in ~ speed and also delivered power throughout the turn. It even smoked v the chunder at the bottom of the highly variable Dictator Chutes at huge Sky.”– Matt Hansen, Editor-At-Large, Powder

Pretty high prayer for the “Blue Ski.” but it isn’t simply Powder Magazine singing the praises of the Sick day 104. Freeskier, Backcountry, and also many other publications room digging this 104-waisted everyday ripper.

Freeskier Backs the Sick day 104 together Well

It can be due to the fact that no other ski provides the lightweight, playful feeling in a package that deserve to track and also rail on hardpack. Or it can be the security at rate thanks come the Magic Finger Carbon Filaments™. Every little thing it may be, in ~ the finish of the day, the ski rips, floats, and surfs across all conditions.

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So head on over to your neighborhood shop, and also pick up a pair of the finest Every day Ski you have the right to buy: the Sick work 104. It’s time to embrace the strange and surf the white tide like never ever before.