We gained a contact asking if we would be open up to filming v a bride looking for her dress at our Los Angeles flagship salon, and also that’s just how I met Linda Phan. That segment that “Property Brothers” was the an initial glimpse that what Linda to be imagining for her wedding come “Property Brothers” star, attracted Scott. She tried on a few gowns, and also like any type of bride, felt a small overwhelmed, and also excited about the possibilities. In Linda’s very own words, “I had actually such a beloved time through you! i was a little nervous because, well, that was the very very first time I had tried on any type of wedding dresses and I kinda gain queasy gift at the center of attention, never ever mind in a gorgeous gown, top top a pedestal, lol! now I’ve realized just how special that minute was - we’re every in various cities and also I’m not certain if every those lovely women in mine life will certainly be in the very same room again prior to the actual wedding! So say thanks to you because that making that possible ❤️ All the to speak I’d love to work with you to create my dress!”

So that’s exactly how it started, and also when Linda came earlier for her an initial real appointment in January, she chose on Gypsy Rose. A couple of days later, she threw me a small curve…Drew to be going come wear a kilt because that the ceremony, and also then adjust into a tux for the reception. So, if the groom to be going to have actually a wardrobe change, climate of course the bride had to as well! ago to the salon, wherein Linda dropped in love with an additional brand new wedding dress, Santorini, i beg your pardon she decided for she ceremony gown. The vivid beaded floral bodice complimented Drew’s timeless Scottish kilt, and Linda felt prefer the dress yes, really expressed she personality.


As because that the reception gown, Gypsy increased was a perfect selection for dancing (another curve, “Oh, by the way, I need to be able to do a cartwheel in the gown because that our first dance routine!”) and also meant she didn’t have to say goodbye to the original dress the she fell in love with. We added a practice layer the sparkles underneath the embroidery for a touch of night glamour, and a ago slit to make sure her cartwheel would take place without a hitch – or a rip! So, 2 dresses come create, and just 4 months till the wedding…no problem!

For an ext details and also photos native the wedding, choose up the worry of world on newsstands Friday, might 18, and watch PeopleTV’s exclude, special, human being Weddings: attracted Scott and also Linda Phan PeopleTV.com.

Through that all, Linda to be a dream client. She and Drew space an amazing, lover couple. Kind, generous, family-focused and genuine.

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Linda stayed calm and so sweet with the totality process, even while under the pressures that every bride encounters in addition to a pretty liven filming and travel schedule. I’m so happy to have actually been a part of their distinct day!

The an extremely last curve? might you come through the house and sew microphones right into the gowns, due to the fact that we’re filming a wedding special, and Linda will should wear a mic, and also the dresses room sheer…and us leave because that Italy tomorrow?! that course, no problem! Congratulations Drew and Linda, so lot love come you both!