Life Is weird is one adventure game split into episodes, released by Square Enix because that PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and also PC. In the fourth Episode, Dark Room, the Max protagonist comes across some instances where you should use passwords / combination Code to proceed.
In the initial section of the game, after the scenes in the alternating reality, Max David requirements to recover documents stored in a closet in the garage the the home of Chloe. The just problem, however, is that the locker is locked through a padlock.

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The combination code the this lock might be viewed in the ahead episode, as soon as Max had to investigate the computer system David garage. Together a result, the lock was open alongside the notebook and enough inspection it to see the password "7171".

If you prefer, you deserve to pass this component without utilizing the combination. If David has actually left home, girlfriend can find a walk-crowbar in the garage and also use that to rest the lock. If the is in ~ home, in the garage, rotate off the fuse top top the opposite side of the cabinet box to create a distraction and also steal the secrets of the table.
After joining every the clues, Max and Chloe should unlock the Nathan cabinet to proceed the investigation. Just observe the college student boy"s plug and note the he has a date of birth on 29 August. And the United says notation dates put the month in prior of the work the four-digit password is 0829.

If the player has not to be able to determine the password and perform 3 failed attempts, you must use the PUK variety of the chip come unlock the device. Just see the chip card among the hints to figure out the numbering 87,897,808.

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After recognize the gate pass under the barn trapdoor, you must go into a numeric password of three digits. If the player girlfriend remember, one of Nathan"s research tracks is a full record scrawled numbers. Among them, that stands out in red ink the mix 542.

You can additionally solve this challenge only by observing the keypad numbers. As the digits 2, 4 and 5 are more expenses, this indicates that the password is a combination of these figures.

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