We can not wait to see Percy Jackson: Sea that Monsters as soon as it access time theaters this Wednesday, Aug. 7. And also even much more so after us chatted v starlet Leven Rambin, who plays Clarisse La Rue. Check out on for the full scoop on this brand-new summer flick.

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GL:Do you and Clarisse have any similarities?

Leven: We’re both competitive and also ambitious.

Whatwas your favorite step to movie in the movie?

Iloved filming all the stuff on Clarisse’s ship v Logan , Alex, Douglas and all the zombies. The stuff was really cool formy character due to the fact that she gained to be in she element. I likewise liked all of thescenes at camp with Stanley Tucci. It was funny to play an additional side that Clarissethat to be a little an ext like a normal girl.

Weaponsplay a large role in this film. Do you have any kind of hidden talent you can considera secret weapon?

Ican speak Spanish! I prospered up in Texas and my babysitter would certainly teach me how tospeak and also read books in Spanish.

We love you as Glimmer in The Hunger Games. Which execute you think was much more challenging: Filming the The Hunger Games or Percy Jackson?

Ithink Percy Jackson—just since Clarisse is such a huge character and also she hasmany different things going on internally and different battles. Ns definitelyhad a lot an ext to do.

Arethere any type of other books you would love to check out turned right into a movie appropriate now?

I’m an extremely excited to view Divergent. Ns think there’s absolutely going to be some cool action going on.

Why have to we examine out Percy Jackson: Sea that Monsters in theaters?

It’sa super-fun thrill ride with so many twists and also turns. Her favorite charactersget right into the many epic situations and also they need to fight their method out the them.

Be sure to examine out Leven and the rest of the Percy Jackson gang as soon as the latest flick of the collection storms come theaters this Wednesday!

Sneaka emergence of the movie below…

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