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Legacy Federal credit Union, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, announced plans come merge v Consolidated neighborhood Credit Union, additionally headquartered in Portland.

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Pending regulatory and also member approval, the increased organization will certainly have linked assets that $335 million while serving virtually 20,000 members in Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, Clark, Hood River, Klickitat, Columbia, and Yamhill counties.

As the competitive see in financial services proceeds to adjust markets across Oregon, the Directors and leadership teams of both credit unions seek to produce greater worth for their linked members, employees, and communities. Both Legacy and also Consolidated have actually demonstrated continued financial strength and success as independent organizations.

“This is a very exciting time for our credit transaction union and our membership,” said Doug Mountain, Legacy’s President and CEO. “We really chosen the assistance of a bigger organization while preserving the an individual service that a neighborhood credit union. We have actually a long history of being a an extremely successful credit transaction union and we owe it come our members to proceed to build on this strong foundation to ensure that we continue to be a viable college for generations to come.”

Legacy and also Consolidated have an established relationship functioning together. Consolidated has actually been assisting Legacy and its members with residential real estate loans because that the past seven years. Based upon this experience and also having a shared set of values that prioritizes integrity, Consolidated is suitable partner.

“The board was cursed to detect a companion that valued Legacy’s history and wanted to develop on the credit transaction union’s success,” said note Lee, Legacy’s plank Chairman.

Larry Ellifritz, the current President and also CEO of Consolidated, will come to be the President and also CEO that the linked organization. One member the Legacy’s existing Board of director will change to the recurring Board, and all tradition employees will be retained.

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“We room excited to expand our partnership with Legacy and to broaden our solutions to the legacy family,” claimed Ellifritz. “Doug and also his team have constructed a an excellent brand, and we are very honored to be working v them.”

Mountain enthusiastically echoes this sentiment.

“I am excited to integrate the resources and also expertise the both institutions to deliver products and also services come our members,” the said. “I have tremendous respect for the Consolidated management team, and also I look forward to see what our combined organization can achieve together.”