Since the fatality of the music idol, the existence of children born out of wedlock claiming your share that the pie has involved light

Behind the diaphanous shirts, the sharp cheekbones and also the enigmatic laugh that offered as his just answer come uncomfortable questions, there to be Alberto Aguilera Valadez. And when the larger-than-life Juan Gabriel died, Alberto Aguilera went back to the head – and with him, so did details about the most intimate and also well-hidden parts of his personal life.

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Juan Gabriel in ~ a concert in L.A. In September 2014.JC Olivera / Getty Images

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The household war end the multimillion inheritance left behind by the mexican music idol has burned light on parts of the an enig that make Juan Gabriel therefore unique.

Alberto Aguilera had actually at least two kids that nobody knew of with two of his employees. These youngsters have now stepped into the limelight to demand their re-publishing of the pie, showing the civilization a side to your father that civilization were unfamiliar with.

Ever since his fatality at age 66 on respectable 28, previously unheard-of offspring store emerging. Luis Alberto Aguilera, 26, and Joao Gabriel Alberto Aguilera, 23, came out in public once they realized the they had actually been left out of your father’s will. ~ DNA tests utilizing a sample native the artist’s brother, Pablo Aguilera, came out positive, they join the heat of heirs come the Divo from Ciudad Juárez.

Juan Gabriel to be one person, and Alberto Aguilera to be another. They to be two personalities whom that juggled very artfully

Gilberto Barrera, Televisa

“And much more children will come out of the woodwork,” stated Pablo Aguilera, adding fuel come the fire.

The latest official members the the singer’s facility family tree are all set to fight for a share from a will that only recognizes the kids that Aguilera had with Laura Salas: Iván, 28, Joan, 27, Hans, 26 and also Jean Gabriel, 25.

The artist’s fortune is estimated to it is in at least $30 million, no counting the royalties native his 60 albums and his mansions in Mexico and also the unified States. The eldest child, Iván, is composed in as the greatest beneficiary of these assets.

The family members that Juan Gabriel developed with Laura Salas constantly occupied proud of place, at least with a watch to public opinion. The only member who had been left outside the household photograph until currently was Alberto Aguilera Jr., the singer’s very first adopted child.

Ciudad Juárez, his residence town, was always really proud that Juan Gabriel and his achievements.JOSE luis GONZALEZ / REUTERS

That is why, once Joao and also Luis Alberto made their very own claim, anyone suspected a scam. The is, till the hereditary tests proved otherwise.

Juan Gabriel once wrote the adhering to lines to louis Alberto’s mother, Guadalupe González: “You can see me also after i’m gone native this planet; just look in ~ the mirror.” Guadalupe González was an extremely young when she showed up at his mansion to job-related in the kitchen. In a television interview, she said that it was Juan Gabriel who proposed having actually a son together.

“One job he told me: Guadalupe, walk you never think of having a child? once we came together, it was a an extremely beautiful thing. That told me: ‘Look, Guadalupe, ns didn’t just provide you a child, I gave you my essence. I have actually prepared physically, mentally, spiritually to offer you this child, because through him, I offered you mine essence. You have to take very good care that it.’ and also I feel his essence in mine son.”

As because that Joao’s mother, Consuelo Rosales – or Chelo, together he supplied to call her – the singer allegedly told her that to him, do a boy was one more aspect the creation, like creating music.

And so, v this idea in mind, the went around “gifting” kids to his female friends, who were every in the exact same line of occupational as his very own mother, that abandoned him in ~ the doorstep of one orphanage when he was very little.

None of this women has accused the singer of gift a bad father, or that refusing to salary to assist raise the children. In fact, they admit that that lived approximately his promises, and that lock knew he to be “not one to it is in tied down,” as Rosales called Univisión.

Rosales added that because that a while, they both do the efforts to have actually a daughter: “He wanted one, and also since ns couldn’t provide it to him, ns don’t preeminence out the he may have given it to another woman. He constantly got what he wanted.”

Soon after his death, a mrs from Texas called Gabriela Aguilera Gil go in fact state the she to be the singer’s just daughter. This case has not yet been backed with genetic testing, however.

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“Juan Gabriel to be one person, and Alberto Aguilera to be another. They to be two characters whom he juggled very artfully. The ambiguity regarding Juan Gabriel’s sexual choices does not match the testimony currently being listed by the mothers of his mystery children, or at the an extremely least that is surprising,” notes Gilberto Barrera, head of entertainment news for Televisa. “With Juan Gabriel’s death, us are start to recognize Alberto’s side, i m sorry had constantly been concealed.”

Juan Gabriel, who always used to laugh in lieu of a verbal response to research questions about his possible homosexuality or his connection with his children, is unable to do forever. But from the grave, Alberto is currently being much more sincere 보다 ever.