The woman famed for her occupational in prior of the camera is taking fee of what walk on behind it together well.

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Amidst a sprawling and crowded Mexico City, Laura LaFrate has uncovered a method to model and to live on her very own terms.

LaFrate, the Scotia aboriginal who came to be famous as a contestant ~ above “America’s following Top Model,” relocated to Mexico City 3 years ago, whereby she currently lives through her fiance,Elias Nicolopulos. The 2 recently established an athletic modeling agency called StuntStudiosMX. Their goal is to aid skydivers, skateboarders and other strong models find great modeling work at a fair rate.

LaFrate now has actually years the modeling experience, however growing up, she never thought about modeling. She would rather job-related with pets than mess approximately with makeup. But during a fluke experience in high school, everything readjusted for LaFrate. She mother, Marilyn, gotten in her right into a beauty beauty pageant in Albany due to the fact that the winner would receive a scholarship. LaFrate won and from there, she took a version contract with a local firm and modeled throughout the remainder of high school.

“I realized the modeling no just about looking pretty. You could really make amazing stories out of the photos that you did,” LaFrate said.

Throughout high school, LaFrate traveled and also modeled everywhere the world. The job-related was fun and a good learning experience yet often left her emotion drained. LaFrate still remembers falling sleep at her desk during one AP Psychology class and also waking up panicked.

“‘I need my homework for the week due to the fact that I’m going to Paris Fashion Week,’” LaFrate remembers telling one of her teachers.

Although she thrived up in the resources Region, LaFrate didn’t have the high school experience common of regional teenagers.


After graduating from Scotia-Glenville High School, LaFrate modeled in south Africa for a few months. She came ago to the United says to seek a degree in veterinarian medicine, but after a semester she can not concentrate.

“I knew I had to leave, ns knew I had to acquire out and also explore more,” LaFrate said. After some encouragement from she grandfather, she decided to model full time, travel and also explore while she could.

The chance to it is in on “America’s next Top Model” come as a welcome surprise and the six months LaFrate invested on the show turned the end to be several of the most tumultuous and also exciting time of her life. While she no win, she was able to sign a modeling contract through Paragon and also gain more modeling experience.

Of course, gift on any kind of reality television display comes at a price. Normally to someone’s reputation.

“What they want is to make you together stressed together possible,” LaFrate said. Contestants were reduced off from every little thing not related to the show; castle weren’t permitted to review or watch television as a distraction. The food provided wasn’t healthy and balanced (or plentiful). LaFrate eventually came to be physically sick due to the fact that of the stress and also eventually had a panic assault that became a component of the show.

“That had actually never taken place to me before,” LaFrate said. ANTM dramatized the clip in the season and also made the seem choose LaFrate was a “nervous person.”

Several ANTM interviews were clipped and edited with each other to do it seem choose LaFrate didn’t feel sustained by her parents.

“That broke my mom’s heart,” LaFrate said.

The version of LaFrate that was pieced with each other on the display didn’t reflect the strong and free-spirited human being she is.

In fact, about a month after the display ended, she began skydiving and also got she skydiving license.

“I’d constantly wanted to skydive . . . After ~ the an initial jump, i was favor ‘Here’s my wallet, this is my totally free time. Ns don’t think i saw any kind of of my friends for 2 months,’’ LaFrate said with a laugh, “It’s together a good sport . . . You have the right to do it everywhere the world. There’s constantly a jump site somewhere.”

Working as an athletic model, she’s discovered a way to to water her passion for skydiving and extreme sports into her business.

“When you a reality star or a model, girlfriend are just a product. You room not in charge, someone rather is always in fee of you and I didn’t like that feeling,” LaFrate said.

At the start of 2017, LaFrate and also her fiance began StuntStudiosMX, a modeling company for strong models in Mexico City. They work with skydivers, skateboarders and many rather to secure modeling sessions v companies favor Red Bull and also Pepsi.

“We in reality just had actually our very first shoot for Pepsi no too long ago,” LaFrate said.

Athletic modeling, quite than fashion modeling, is more in LaFrate’s comfort zone.

“I think there is a potential to do fashion modeling right into a full-time career, yet it’s a very, an extremely hard industry,” LaFrate said. On peak of that, many modeling agencies are what LaFrate considers corrupt, acquisition upwards that 50 percent off your models’ income.

LaFrate likes to be in manage of much more than what’s in former of the camera and an ext importantly, she likes to contact the shots. Under the road, LaFrate desires to broaden the company into the unified States and also work through American models. She’s likewise hoping to get her actual estate license throughout a expedition to the Capital region in July.

“My mom used to be a genuine estate and also she loved it. Ns remember when I was younger I provided to go with her and watch her market houses,” LaFrate said. She parents, Tom and also Marilyn, tho live in the funding Region.

On top of to run StuntStudioMX, LaFrate plans to take it a cue from she mom and also sell real estate in Mexico City.

“There’s a large market here and also eventually, ns would prefer to have actually my very own brokerage firm,” LaFrate said.

From her experiences obtaining StuntStudiosMX off the ground, LaFrate found that she loved all points business. “I love arranging things and also working through people,” LaFrate said.

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It’s to be years due to the fact that her grandfather an initial told her to get out and explore, LeFrate has no plans of slowing down anytime soon.