For active outdoor or indoor play Laser X Revolution provides the perfect answer come pandemic lockdowns. No call necessary; 300 foot range!


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Laser X revolution Blaster Gaming collection for 2 Players

One that the ideal ways for children to allow off your energy, especially during this time of society distancing and also lockdowns is v a video game of laser tag. Tags of all sorts offers a good source of practice for children, however laser tag removes physical contact, making it safer and potentially more exciting.

Another benefit of play laser tags is that it does not necessarily involve extreme running around. That’s evidenced by the 300-foot selection of the blasters in a Laser X change blaster set.


The Laser X gaming collection works just also outdoors together indoors i m sorry is right for lockdown instances that part in this nation are still facing.

Laser X is My favourite for Laser Tag

Laser X is the ideal laser tags gaming collection in my opinion. There are different kinds that Laser X sets. Consisting of the Blaster come Blaster variation dubbed Laser X Evolution. Both sets are great and the important thing come remember here is that all Laser X assets work together.

That way you have the right to use anybody’s Laser X set with her own and also combine as plenty of as you require for her real-life gaming experience.

As a matter of fact, over there is no border to the number of players friend can include to a game of sign on Laser X revolution or any type of other Laser X blaster set. Both the the version I’ve tested out work really well and also the kids find them so exciting.


The 2 sets, Laser X change and Laser X development are very comparable in what they offer. Both gaming sets have actually a blaster range of 300 feet, both sets work perfectly in short light and high brightness. You have the right to play indoors and outdoors and even usage mirrors and also windows come strategically target various other players.

Both sets job-related with each various other and allow any variety of players. Girlfriend can even play on approximately twenty teams based upon so many color variants. That’s a vast advantage over the simplistic red matches blue we space all accustomed to.

Laser X revolution and Laser X development both have actually the an innovation to gauge her success and offer audible needle in the kind of an interaction “coach” feature.


What’s Different about Laser X Revolution?

In practically every method the two Laser X systems room identical. They have actually the same range, the exact same options, and also they have actually virtually the exact same blasters with a rapid slide reload function. The only difference in between the 2 sets is what friend target.

Evolution has actually blaster-to-blaster targeting, which way that you shoot gun to gun. That’s good for irradiate packing, yet it loses something in the gaming experience since it’s all based upon something your opponent is carrying and therefore, might conceal.


That can be component of the challenge, or you might make “rules” around keeping her blaster out, but you can prefer the timeless targets that come with the Laser X change blaster set. The chest receiver offers for a an ext level play field.

Sure somebody might hide their chest, yet then, they aren’t really playing the game. I actually love both versions. Of this game and I love that they all work-related together, therefore whichever friend prefer, you know it’s compatible through anybody else’s set.

Micro B2 Blaster Laser tags Gaming Set

All Laser X Gaming Sets deserve to be provided in conjunction v each other. The Micro B2 Blaster gaming collection is a small different together the receivers are constructed right into the blasters.


Also created two players, yet put it along with the Laser X revolution or Evolution set and you have the right to have increase to 6 players. These room compact dimension at 5 inches, yet these will just blast up to 100 ft.


You deserve to play one top top one or on teams. Blaster beams go with windows and also strategically bounce turn off walls and mirrors to hit opponents.

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Where to Purchase

Laser X change Blaster Gaming set and Laser X 2 Player Micro B2 Blaster Laser tag Gaming collection can both be purchased virtual at Target.comand