When one of the most well known women in the world posts a photo in which she wearing tiny other 보다 a blinding, cushion-cut, 128.54-carat yellow Tiffany Diamond with an astonishing 82 facets, you will do think it would certainly be difficult to emphasis on anything else. Yet as Lady Gaga just proved, there is other that can outshine all that bling — and also that other is a makeup-free challenge that's together smooth and poreless together the diamond is large and bright.

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The jewels space rare (very rare — the necklace has actually only been worn two other times, when by Audrey Hepburn), and also so is a glimpse the Gaga’s freckles; us are talking around a mrs whose version of camera-ready involves dark brows, dramatic cat eyes, bolder lips, splendors eyeshadow, and a more-is-more-badass makeup philosophy, after ~ all. But, as the newly-minted Oscar winner revealed today, in ~ those show-stopping layers of glam is a serious healthy-looking complexion.
So exactly how does she store it that way? us may have an idea. As soon as speaking v Gaga’s longtime makeup artist buy it Tanno front of her instantly top Oscars appearance on Sunday, the beauty agree stressed the importance of disciplined skin care. Among the current must-haves stocking her kit? “I love Ole Henriksen truth Serum since it really rises a nice, healthy glow,” she told surfacetoairnewyork.com. “I push it right into the skin v the Adore Cosmetics Palm Sonic to really help it absorb. It has actually a warmth vibrating plate the pushes the product into the skin, climate a cold one for any type of depuffing. You deserve to sculpt the face with the — it feels therefore nice.”


To add a shoot of hydration, Tanno turns to By terrycloth Baume de Rose face Cream (“I use that almost everywhere the confront for a much more dewy look,” she said), or among her recent obsessions, Vintner's Daughter energetic Botanical Serum. “Sometimes face oils nothing absorb right into the skin and also they become sticky,” she said. “But this one really absorbs so nicely and also evens skin ton so well the I occasionally skip the moisturizer — ns really don’t need to use lot else.”
With the remainder of the confront out the the way, there's one last thing Tanno constantly does come ensure her clients choose Gaga are ready for the red carpet (or simply a makeup-free photoshoot): "Before any type of look, i really favor to exfoliate the lips,” the artist said. “If girlfriend don’t have a device to perform that, a tongue scraper works really well. After ~ that, I'll add on Sisley Nutritive Lip Balm. It's my ride or dice — i can’t live without it."
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