Lady Gaga endured a wardrobe malattribute in NYC on Tuesday, June 23. James Devaney/GC Images; JBD / Splash News

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In her 2008 hit “Paparazzi,” Lady Gaga sings, “We are the crowd / We’re coming out / Got my flash on it’s true,” but it was never taken so literally as on Tuesday, June 23. The Mvarious other Monster, 29, was strolling the highways of New York City she did some flashing of her own as photographers snapped her. 

The day began off normal sufficient. After kicking ass at Radio City Music Hall with her No. 1 boo Tony Bennett, Gaga went on to hit up SixtyFive, the cocktail bar and also lounge steps from the Rainbow Room, for an intimate concert. 


Clad in a white lacy bra, jean shorts, and also tan overcoat (as ya do), the “Applause” singer belted out some tunes prior to posing with eager fans, that were cheering in the street.


Leaving her Little Monsters behind, Gaga hopped into a tvery own car, notably still rocking her lacy lingerie look. She even offered photographers a one-of-a-kind view, popping up via the car’s sunroof to watch the highways of New York fly by as if she were an additional in Gossip Girl (which, coincidentally, she once was).

No one but Gaga knows what occurred next, as she slipped back right into the seat of the tvery own automobile. We’d like to speculate that as she drove to acquire a slice of NYC’s finest pizza, the idea of wearing a bra confirmed to be as well overwhelming for her to manage in her hangry state. (We’ve all been tright here.)

Lady Gaga arrives to the Famous Amadeus Pizza on June 23. James Devaney/GC Images

All we understand is that once Gaga exited her auto and also gotten in Famous Amadeus Pizza in midtown, she was braless and born this method. Covering up her girls with her unbuttoned tan coat, she gotten in the pizza joint on the edge of glory. 

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Lady Gaga leaves the Famous Amadeus Pizza on June 23. James Devaney/GC Images

But on her way out, Gaga made a crucial mistake — or was it?! Lifting her hand also to cover her poker face as flashbulbs went off, the American Horror Story concierge flashed her nipple for the human being to watch. 

Gaga, you can Do What U Want with your body. 

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