Mexico will certainly start production of "La Voz Kids" that will certainly air in 2017 and we have actually the name of the coaches and also mentors. Shown to coach the inaugural season room Maluma, Mijares and also Emmanuel together one unit and Rosario Flores, the Spanish singer and "Talk to Her" actress. This stellar actors will be joined by a trio the mentors who will work together with the coaches to assist in the breakthrough of the kids. Maite Perroni, Playa Limbo"s María León and also Samo from Camila, will additionally be component of the reality show competition. Televisa will certainly be producing the children version that the display concurrently through "La Voz México" however will not air until next year, this is an initiative to conserve on manufacturing costs and also take advantage of the sets.

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"La Voz México" just started airing this past weekend on the Televisa network v coaches Gloria Trevi, J Balvin, Los Tigres Del Norte and also Alejandro Sanz. The style of the show is as with the NBC variation that emphasizes the vocal talent. The coaches space seated with their backs encountering the stage. A talented singer hits the stage and auditions. If any kind of of the coaches prefer what lock hear and is moved by your voice, that presses a red button, which provides the chair rotate and also reveal the contestant. If over there is much more than one coach that turned for the singer, the strength is change to the contestant. This means that the coaches will have to plea their case as to why they are the better one to work with. The singer then choose the coach they believe will to command them to the finale.

"La Voz Kids" has the exact same format yet the age of the contestants room lowered. Telemundo has been producing its own variation for Latino audiences for three succesful seasons. The Spanish-language network simply started airing its fourth season with Natalia Jimenez, Daddy Yankee and Pedro Fernandez as coaches. Jorge Bernal and Paty Manterola hold the competition show. This year, the present is introducing the "Wild Card," wherein fans will be able to save your favorite contestants.

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In previous seasons, over there is always a singer that gets dropped from the show and viewers wished they had the chance to provide them an additional opportunity. V this brand-new feature on the program, we will not have any type of excuse if our favourite one walk home.