In this dark comedy, a rich matriarch tries to maintain her family's facade that perfection after she husband's mistress exposes your dirty secrets.

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Cecilia Suárez won finest Actress in a series or Miniseries at the 2019 and 2020 Platino Awards for she performance as Paulina.
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In this dark comedy, a rich matriarch make the efforts to keep her family's facade of perfection after she husband's mistress exposes your dirty secrets.

The de la Mora household celebrates patriarch Ernesto's birthday with a large party, yet his mistress has darker plans for his large day.

Virginia reads Roberta's letter. Paulina battles to hide the funeral from her mother and siblings. Ernesto breaks the news to young daughter Micaela.

Roberta's actions accumulate Julián come share his very own news, however mother Virginia is not ready to hear to what he has to say -- nor is girlfriend Lucía.

Delia discover a brand-new family an enig to Elena. Chance encounters offer Virginia and her son an innovative ideas on how to fix the family's gaue won troubles.

Elena seeks Claudio's assist with a tricky floral order for a VIP client's bar mitzvah, however Paulina sabotages your efforts. The DNA results arrive.

Paulina sees she ex because that the first time in years. Stress arise between the strippers and also the drag queens. Elena makes a startle discovery.

To obtain what she at some point wants, Lucía stop something over Julián's head. Paulina visits Dr. Cohen come ask critical question.

Ernesto gives Virginia a stirring pep talk around motherhood and also revenge. Julián grapples v the aftermath of his newfound fame.

A rival florist household makes the de la Moras a generosity offer. Elena find a way to save Carmela quiet. Paulina confronts she mother around Dr. Cohen.

Virginia's side organization gets her in trouble with a competitor, and also when Bruno and also Micaela go absent shortly afterward, their household fears the worst.

Dominique surprises Elena in an ext ways than one. María José tells Bruno around her Madrid plans. Diego finds an item that provides him mistrust Julián.

After her plan to get Ernesto out of prison hits a snag, Paulina watch Dr. Cohen about her must fix everyone's problems. A treason stuns the family.

The family finally celebrate the flower shop's 50th anniversary. At the event, Virginia publicly announces that will inherit the business.

The de la Mora household grieves a lose while do the efforts to recoup sold businesses, plotting revenge and entangling themselves in romantic disasters.

Missing her mother and seeking vengeance against Diego, Paulina return to Mexico. Julián reunites through an old flame, that reveals a secret.

Paulina is figured out to buy back the family's previous flower shop and also cabaret, yet obstacles arise. Diego renders a tranquility offering. Elena come clean.

Elena wants to keep her brand-new job a secret. Paulina asks the former drag performers to go back to the cabaret. Ernesto meets the Flock's founder, Jenny.

After return from Spain, María José takes worry with Paulina, while Bruno accompanies Micaela to she talent show audition. Julián provides a decision.

Elena, Paulina and also Julián effort to track down the secret man in Virginia's photos. Ernesto convinces Cacas to sign up with the Flock.

Jenny and the Flock begin taking end the de la Mora mansion. Paulina confides in Alejo and also plots revenge versus Diego. Elena realizes she's in love.

Diego confronts Lucía around a secret she's been maintaining from Julián. Ernesto's jealousy take away hold. ~ above a night out with Alejo, Paulina feels tempted.

Diego asks Elena for a very an individual favor for him and Julián. Paulina gets closer to Alejo. Eliminations proceed on "'s many Talented."

Virginia's will is finally read, and also when the fact comes out, Paulina provides a correct decision in an effort to repent for her actions.

The struggling de la Mora family members faces brand-new challenges with a brand-new matriarch, when flashbacks expose secrets about Virginia's youthful antics.

In the present, Paulina is surprised through her brand-new cellmate. Shocking news is revealed about Elena. In 1979, rebellious Virginia celebrates her birthday.

Purificación complicates life because that Paulina. Diego and also Julián reach out to Elena's exes. Ago in 1979, Virginia tries new experiences.

Victoria sends out Virginia come a strict all-girls school. Diego attempts to reconcile v his homophobic parents, who sell him a suggestion.

María José suspects Purificación is hiding something. Paulina forges new alliances in prison. Ernesto allows the performers control the cabaret.

In 1979, Virginia receives life-changing news as her father proceeds to acquire sicker. Paulina is freed indigenous jail through María José's help.

Victoria's meddling creates a conflict in between the de la Mora siblings. A worried María José make the efforts to convince Purificación come seek psychological help.

Julián finds out more about what happened in between Elena and also Diego. In 1979, Virginia plan to rest the news come Salo and decide on your future.

Virginia is encouraged her father has actually abandoned them, when Pato begins to doubt the truth. In the present, Pablo helps Elena escape.

Paulina looks into her family's past and starts questioning questions about Pato. Julián and also Elena team increase to shot and complimentary Diego. Delia looks for revenge.

Virginia comes up with a plan for her and Ernesto. Now, La Chiva discover the fact to Paulina. Problem increases in between Delia and Victoria.

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The members the the de la Mora family each memory their brand-new beginning while, in the shadows, Purificación plots her revenge.

Cecilia SuárezAislinn DerbezDarío YazbekVerónica CastroJuan Pablo MedinaArturo RíosPaco LeónNorma AngélicaVerónica LangerDavid OstroskyMariana TreviñoLuis De La RosaIsabel BurrNatasha DupeyrónLucas VelázquezAlexa de Landa