Welcome, Dolls! This week’s illustration of Keeping Up through the Kardashians was the final episode of season 12. This season has brought us so much joy and grief, and this illustration in details brought us some days we’ll want to hold on come forever. Ns won’t make you wait: Come on through to your last KUWTKE the 2016!

Our A plot to be Rob and Chyna’s infant shower; ours B plot to be Kris Jenner’s accident; and our C plot involved more of Rob. I’ve obtained some Thanksgiving Day political parties to prepare so, #LEGGO.

Scene 1/Cold Open:

Khloé Kardashian invites both Kourtney Kardashian and also Kendall zener to be sure in her home. However, the end of the blue, Khloé’s guests slam the amount of fruit she has actually chosen to store in her kitchen. Civilization traveler kendall comments that Khloé’s fruit would certainly be of far better use if the were offered to kids in Africa. Kourtney thinks its existence is just wasteful. Khloé’s not having actually it, and also tells both Kendall and Kourtney to go in other places in Calabasas due to the fact that she eats a TON the fruit, okay!? come prove it, she defines that she spend a key of fruit every morning and a fruit smoothie every afternoon. Plus, she has actually fruit trees somewhere on her property. After Khloé lashes the end at them about her fruit consumption, Kourtney and Kendall gain the healthy snacks in silence. Khloé protected her best to own fruit ~ above August 5, 2016.

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Scene 2:

Health maven Kourtney hosts Khloé and also Kim at she house. Supposedly Kourtney’s to be drinking floral autumn that cause her to be much more emotional. She cry at an Adam Levine tune in the car, which usually just method she’s a actual mom. Khloé speak Kourtney to protect against crying so much because that’s no really her brand. Kim remains silent on the subject. The sisters have actually gathered to contact Blac Chyna about her baby shower, and it appears Kim wants to focus on that job alone or nothing at all. Every of Rob’s sisters will be the end of town throughout Chyna’s baby shower, for this reason they’d choose to carry out something that makes up for that. It’s unsaid, however Kourtney and Kim will be in Paris at the time. They call Chyna, and she’s okay v the news. Still, the sister overly emphasize your desire to “spoil” Chyna with a job of pampering and also gifts. Chyna speak them to collection it up;she’ll it is in there. The sisters feeling successful. This scene to be filmed top top August 11, 2016


Scene 4/Scene 5:

While Kylie and also Khloé prepare for a work of filming in ~ Khloé’s house, Khloé’s assistant, Alexa, rushes in to tell the sisters that Kris has actually been affiliated in one accident. The scene of the accident is near, therefore Kylie and also Khloé sirloin to it is in by Kris’s side.


Khloé and also Kylie come to watch Kris’s car completely totaled. Kris there is no suffered any kind of serious injuries but is in shock together she sits in the front chair of a range Rover. She daughters rigid at her. Kris was connected in an accident top top August 3, 2016.

Scene 6:

Following the accident, Kris’s children and her employee Corey gambling rally roughly her. Kim, who didn’t make it to the accident, is told what happened by her mom. She listens closely. For free enemy, recognized Trump supporter, and also problematic robot Kanye West is there, too. Who most likely programmed his machinery to hug Kris in her time of crisis, so it is what he does. Prefer Kris, her kids are shaken by the accident. Castle realizing the life is fleeting and also things might have turned out differently. Favor Scenes 4 and 5, this scene was filmed on august 3, 2016.

Scene 7:

Days ~ the accident, Kim visits Kris. Kris is laid increase in the bed and also tells Kim she’s exhausted and also achy. Without absent a beat, Kim offers to aid Kris with any kind of work she has. Skeptically, Kris accepts Kim’s help. The key task at hand is coordinating Kylie’s upcoming pilgrimage to Australia. Kris tells Kim the the transaction isn’t as simple as it appears – she in charge of getting Kylie there, to add figuring the end glam, a hotel, and an illustration fee. Kim think she deserve to handle it, until she call Kylie. ~ above the phone, Kim asks if Kylie desires to save money by rental hair and makeup civilization locally in Australia. Kylie all but laughs Kim turn off the phone, and also tells she no. After watching Kim suffer her very first managerial roadblock, Kris looks in ~ Kim choose she’s Tyga*. This scene to be filmed top top August 8, 2016.

*Useless trash.

Scene 8:

Kim Kardashian West, plunder Kardashian, and Scott Disick retreat to KUWTK season 12’s key filming location — Khloé Kardashian’s home. Anyone admires Kim’s lingerie look, and Khloé suggestively handles a popsicle. Points soon turn to company as usual as soon as Khloé asks Rob about his mental state and also relationship with Chyna. Rob insurance claims to be every right, even though he and also Chyna aren’t life together. He likewise doesn’t provide his sister a right answer when they ask if he is engaged or not. Every he manages to interact is that if he and also Chyna were totally broken up, she i will not ~ still it is in wearing his ring. Beyond his complicated relationship with Chyna, plunder laughs v his admission of having actually no idea how to take treatment of a baby. He is cutting himself a break due to the fact that he’s a first-time dad — he no think he need to bother to learn much prior to the infant is born.

Everyone urges plunder to learn some things about parenting prior to Chyna delivers their child, yet he’s no pressed in ~ all. Khloé takes rob to show him her brand-new guesthouse, leaving Kim and Scott alone. Kim asks Scott exactly how he feels around Rob and also Chyna’s setup, and Scott admits that he’s not the best fatherhood example since his instance is unconventional. All Scott wants is because that Rob and also Chyna to obtain on the exact same page once it comes to raising your kid. Kim agrees. This scene, like Scene 2, was filmed ~ above August 11, 2016.

Scene 11:

Kim, now her family’s manager, is acquisition her new job an extremely seriously. She access time Kylie top top the collection of her Complex covering shoot, and has Khloé join so castle can comment on some business, which consists of Khloé’s brand-new fitness line, dubbed KhloFit. Kim and also Khloé room a little bit distracted by how great Kylie looks in her latex wardrobe. Once we look earlier at this step in our history books, that shall be detailed that this is the specific moment as soon as both Kim and Khloé realized that their expiration date was sooner 보다 they thought. With gritted teeth, the sister tell Kylie the she looks “hot.” lock both leave quickly after. This scene to be filmed top top July 19, 2016, almost three weeks before Kim agreed to be her family’s manager.

Scene 12:

Khloé access time Kourtney for a day of sitting and staring at everything but each other. They take a rest from this come talk about Chyna’s job of pampering/baby shower. Khloé speak Kourtney that she’s unsure they should do other for just Chyna due to the fact that she and also Rob may not even be together. Kourtney feel the same, so they speak to Rob and ask if it’s it s okay to throw him and also Chyna a joint baby shower to celebrate the both of them. Plunder is fully down, and really grateful come his sisters for this sweet gesture. Happy, the sister get ago to staring at stuff. This scene was filmed ~ above August 23, 2016. This was virtually two mainly after Rob told Khloé around his decreasing relationship through Chyna in Scene 8. Oddly, Scene 8 was filmed top top the exact same day together Scene 2, when the Kardashian sisters initially asked Chyna if they can do something special for her. 

Scene 16:

Khloé invites she manager, Kimberly West, into her residence to appropriately yell at she for doing a bad job. Kim had arranged because that herself and Khloé to meet with a marketing team for she KhloFit line, and also Kim bailed top top the meeting. Kim no think her absence was such a large deal, together she was functioning on a transaction for Kylie. Plus, Kim states she’ll acquire the report sheet from the meeting and tie increase any loose ends. Khloé’s still upset and also wants an explanation for being the sister who constantly gets the brief end of the fist stick. Despite her sisters and customer being upset through her occupational ethic, Kim reminds Khloé the at the very least she got her a KhloFit meeting. Feather Khloé deep in she eyes, Kim says, “Did Kris zener even set up the meeting? No.” once Khloé calms under a bit, Khloé speak Kim that the main takeaway is the Kris requirements a team of civilization to make certain each sister has actually adequate attention.This scene was filmed top top July 31, 2016, just days before Kris’s accident and Kim agreeing come take end Kris’s duties. 

Scene 19:

At Khloé’s house, Kim and Kourtney visit come wrap increase some aspects of the story line. Prior to getting down to business, Kim tells she sisters that she trust she was once in a Tupac video. Neither Kourtney nor Khloé think her, however Kim swears by her statement and vows to find the footage. After ~ this, Kim tells she sisters the Rob doesn’t desire to come to their infant shower anymore. He stated that Chyna’s pregnancy has actually been awful for him and he’s no longer in the celebratory mood. The sisters decide plunder will involved the infant shower if Chyna no there, for this reason they contact her approximately politely uninvite her. Top top the phone, Chyna is annoyed at Rob’s sudden change of emotion; then, in an obvious voice-over, Chyna speak the Kardashian sisters to have actually the shower just for Rob. Despite they’re over Rob’s continuous emotional changes, the sisters agree the this is best. This scene to be filmed ~ above September 22, 2016.

Scene 20:

It’s ultimately the day of Chyna’s distinct day of pampering, Rob and also Chyna’s baby shower, Rob’s infant shower. Rob’s loved ones are roaming roughly Kourtney’s property aimlessly once Kim it s okay a speak to from Rob. He’s an extremely angry that Chyna has actually been disinvited and is therefore refusing to involved the shower. Kim division the news to she family, and to deal with they put on DILF hats and also curse Rob’s name. Like Scene 19, this scene to be filmed ~ above September 22, 2016. Plunder must also hold a grudge hard, since, out of anger over this shower head mishap, he tweeted Kylie’s phone call number on September 26.

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Scene 22:

Days after ~ the baby-shower debacle, Rob and also Chyna head come Kourtney’s to open up their gifts. The couple now understands that there were some significant miscommunications as soon as it involved the infant shower, and also are apologetic come the family. Through everyone spring on, Rob and also Chyna open presents for their baby girl, consisting of a pink baby coat that Rob came residence from the hospital in once he was a newborn. Aside from that, the soon-to-be parents get mini selection Rovers, Hermès clothing, and also other designer goods. More shocking than everyone using Kourtney’s swimming pool table as a gift table and also playpen is the day on i beg your pardon this scene to be filmed. This scene to be filmed on October 10, 2016, just over a main after Kim to be robbed in Paris on October 3, 2016. Khloé recorded an appearance because that Ellen on this day and said Kim to be doing terribly. In the step Kim seems to it is in in an excellent spirits, which is great news. This also way that the KUWTK filming hiatus lasted just a week.

Well, Dolls. This marks the end of season 12 that E!’s critically acclaimed docu-drama Keeping Up v the Kardashians. Due to the fact that it’s the holiday season and I’m in the offering spirit, i’ve arranged because that you to accomplish me right here next month for Rob & Chyna’s delivery special and also recaps the E!’s Mariah’s World. #RIPPablo

Kim Acts like Her mom While Rob continues to Act choose a baby

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