The luxurious home functions a basketball court, huge pool and elevator whereby she and husband Kroy Biermann "have sex."






While reflecting off the mansion's elevator filled v camping offers in a clip for Bravo, the 42-year-old admitted that her family members takes advantage of the space.

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The genuine Housewives of Atlanta alum told her fans: "You have the right to fit our whole family in there.

"This is a really great place to have actually sex or hide presents. In mine house, once you have actually six kids and also a the majority of staff."

Kim married Kroy, 35, in 2011 and they share four kids: Kroy, nine, Kash, eight, and twins Kaia and also Kane, six.

The house contains a variety of thronesCredit: Bravo

The clip started with Kim sharing that she "absolutely loves" the family's home.

While mirroring off the dining room, Kim explained that she included "bling" to the chairs since "you all understand I love mine bling."

The room also features black curtains that are lined with more sparkly bling in ~ the bottom, while two huge thrones are put at the table because she and Kroy space the "king and queen of this f**king house."

A Versace china collection is put in a cabinet, though Kim admitted the family members has never used the fancy plates.

Kim's favorite room in the home is referred to as "the Hollywood Room," i m sorry she claimed is her daughters' "TV room wherein they hang out through their friends."

The backyard likewise features a warm tubCredit: Bravo

The spacious room functions a lengthy white couch, glass coffee table, black color curtains and also a huge chandelier that Kim stated is "just amazing."

Outside that the mansion is just as luxurious together the inside.

The famous family have the right to enjoy a spacious pool and also hot tub in your backyard, i beg your pardon is lined through red lounge chairs.

In true Kim fashion, the measures that lead right into the pool functions sparkles.

The Don't it is in Tardy star common that she keeps the pool at a hot 98 degrees since she "hates" cold water.

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The basketball court is lined v trees that offer privacy for the family members as they gain their time outside.

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In the clip, Kim's young sons played outside before the Bravo star showed off she athleticism through failing to throw the basketball right into the hoop.


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