Alternative names: Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Season 2, Maid Dragon S2, Maidragon S2, miss out on Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S

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Just in instance someone can't wait a mainly for more Dragon Maid, a mini series was airing critical season.

Yes! It to be so cute too! The totality runtime is favor 13 mins therefore it's a at sight easy and quick watch.

Glad to see that KyoAni is alive and kicking. The animation was so liquid and great .

The scene change reminded me the Nichijou.


The animation was so fluid and also great.

The animation during that fight between Tohru and also Illulu looked way better than several of the action anime, simply KyoAni flexing their animation.

Also the continuous zoom-ins in the OP are just like the Nichijou OP's. Same director, the course, yet that's together a cool callback to a past KyoAni series.

The scene transition reminded me that Nichijou

It's quite cool how, originally at the relax of Maid Dragon, you could see the comparable and different ways that both Yasuhiro Takemoto (Maid Dragon) and also Tatsuya Ishihara (Nichijou and also now taking over for Takemoto on Maid Dragon) treated transitions and also pillow shots. Castle both excel in ~ balancing between genuinely poignant moments (like the conversation on the train between Kobayashi and also Ilulu) and also absurd comedy.

I can't think of a better person to lug on what Takemoto began with his adaptation in the an initial season than Ishihara tbh.

When Ilulu drops from that rift top top the building, you deserve to see the skies kind of jiggle from being warped. Small detail but really nice. Long live KyoAni

I hadn't seen season 1 -- however my oldest son recommended it. So I invested the last couple of job watching -- so I can be all set for the premiere that season 2 today.

Ilulu looks choose she messed up the internet in addition to doing some gender changing of our (former?) heroine (?). For this reason -- who's more annoyed Fafner or Kobayashi-san?

who's more annoyed Fafner or Kobayashi-san?

I think the question we should ask is "who's more likely come destroy half a continent in their frustration ?".

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It's a an excellent thing friend watched S1 first, due to the fact that this honestly to be a really horny arc to begin a season on.