While the enattempt for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days has no Achievements, you have to view every one of the content in it to unlock Achievements in Re: Chain of Memories. It is worth experimenting this content if you are at all interested in the story, as well.

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358/2 Days was originally released as a game on the Nintenperform DS. The essential scenes from that game have actually been remade in the KH2 engine, and also given voice acting. These scenes are played out as one long movie.

Pressing Play on the primary display screen will offer you 2 options: Play All, and also Continue. Begin with Play All, and if you ever before must leave and come ago, select Continue to pick up wherever before you left off.

After you have actually watched all the scenes and also reached the credits, a brand-new choice will appear on the main menu: Extras. This in turn has actually two options: Roxas"s Diary, and also Characters. Similar to Jiminy"s Journal or the Reports sections in other games, you have to go right into both of these sections and look at all the entries. You do not actually need to review them if you do not desire to. Just make certain everything has been seen at leastern as soon as.

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With that all completed, you are done through 358/2 Days. Rerevolve to (or start!) Re: Chain of Memories to get earning those Achievements!

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